It is essential to support health research to combat pathologies – above all, COVID-19. This is the message that a major French university wanted to share by launching a massive text-to-give campaign.

Responding to the need in a very short time frame

For its text-to-donate campaign, a French university wanted to set up a short code to send donors a text message, containing a link to the donation platform, via their smartphones. “We received a message from the university’s communications director with this very specific demand to be completed in a week, when it would take two normally. This functionality is not included in our packaged offer, meaning it required a more complex procedure. Everything also had to be set up before the start of a TV campaign on a local channel,” explains Emma Heisserer, Business Manager at Orange Business.

Another major constraint: answers to donors’ text messages had to be processed automatically given the huge amount of donations and the responsiveness expected.

Thanks to our work, health research received a welcome boost in these difficult times of combating pandemics like COVID-19.


Emma Heisserer, Business Manager at Orange Business

A remotely deployed solution

The Contact Everyone solution was chosen to address this specific requirement as it is easy to deploy remotely, which was particularly useful during the lockdown. It is also agile enough to adapt to the customer’s needs: a shared number and the integration of the Contact Everyone API into the customer’s IT system to automatically send the text containing a link to make a donation. “To do this, we had to find the right person within the university to deploy the solution on their IT system. They were, of course, supported remotely by one of our specialists throughout the whole process,” explains Emma Heisserer.

A successful campaign

The dedicated Orange Business team was fully committed to this project and the campaign was publicly launched on time on the desired day. It was a real success, and the strength of the solution enabled it to handle all the texts received. “It wasn’t easy to be so responsive for such a specific demand, but the important thing is that, thanks to our work, health research received a welcome boost in these difficult times of combating pandemics like COVID-19,” concludes Emma Heisserer.

week instead of the two usually needed for such a made-to-measure project

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