The lockdown period has fast-tracked the development of many digital transformation projects. This was the case for a construction company that specializes in recycling and reuse of excavated soil. They wanted to find a solution to replace the use of printed documents sent between customers and their drivers. Here is how they did it.

A simple cloud-based solution

Their drivers deal with lots of paperwork (purchase orders, delivery notes, etc.). The company was already thinking about moving to a paperless version before the lockdown. The aim? Streamline time-consuming processes, limit the risk of lost data and reduce the number of errors. Management was unsure of whether to choose a QR code or an application. The sudden lockdown changed everything: they urgently needed to avoid any contact between drivers and customers.

Management called on Orange Business. Sending rich SMS with a link, enabling drivers to access all the documents on the extranet, seemed like an ideal solution to avoid printing and sending documents, especially during COVID-19,” said Antoine Jover, Business Manager of the Orange Business Digital and Data entity. With a 100% cloud-based solution that can be managed remotely via a web interface, the company can send messages to its target recipients in just a few clicks.

The move to sending electronic documents between customers and drivers was simple and seamless. This goes to show that it is easy to do.


Antoine Jover, Business Manager, Orange Business Digital and Data

Quick and easy installation

Unlike the development of an application, the solution was implemented in just a few days. “The order was placed on a Wednesday and fulfilled at the start of the following week. As a result, business carried on as usual,” highlights Antoine Jover. What is more, the Contact Everyone API was designed to be connected to most information systems used on the market. This meant there were absolutely no problems interfacing with the company’s extranet, even though the installation was handled remotely to comply with the health measures imposed at the time.

Ease of use and scalability

Contact Everyone was quickly adopted by administrative staff and drivers. According to Antoine Jover, “users simply need a smartphone and to understand how to send or receive a text message, which makes it really easy to use.” The company agreed to a volume commitment of 50,000 text messages per month to meet the increase in use of this solution. Another benefit of Contact Everyone, which won the company over, is that this service is hosted by Orange Business, guaranteeing secure access and compliance with the general data protection regulation (GDPR).

Seamless digitization

While the lockdown forced the need for this solution right now, it will provide benefits in the long term. “The digitization of the industrial sector is a transformation that can take a long time. In this case, the move to sending electronic documents between customers and drivers was simple and seamless."

"This goes to show that it is easy to do,” explains Antoine Jover. Especially given that with Contact Everyone, the company has enriched statistics that can help it to further optimize its processes.

text messages per month

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