Fondasol chooses Digital Workspace to improve productivity


In order to save time when processing data from the teams in the field, Fondasol chose paperless processes using tablet computers.

"The introduction of tablets eliminated the task of continually re-entering data. As a result, we estimate a savings of four to five hours a week for a technician and four to five days per month for a secretary. We’ve reallocated that time to higher value-added activities, like sales."

Hocine Akir, Head of Human Resources, Fondasol

  • One hundred twenty tablets for field teams with a custom-made application developed by Orange in collaboration with the Fondasol users
  • Digital Coach Service for fast response and resolution in the case of an issue with a tablet or the application

With the Orange Business Services M2M solution, Konetik can now confidently launch new products supported by a fast, reliable, global network.

  • Substantial time savings: Fondasol has minimized file processing delays. The technician enters on his tablet the information collected in the field, sending the data directly to the office
  • Better communication: the technician receives his orders directly via the application, which has enhanced productivity and flexibility
  • Crystal clear information: the specially-designed tablet application ensures that the data is clear and well organized and therefore easier to use, improving business processes and employee’s ability to work
  • Application that perfectly fits Fondasol's needs
  • Improved reliability of information
  • Time savings and productivity gains
  • Better working processes in the field
  • Increased data security

Fondasol is a geotechnical engineering consulting company that probes and drills soil

  • 30 agencies in France and abroad
  • 520 employees, including 130 engineers