An energy company is trailblazing by harnessing the power of secure and trusted cloud as a focus for transformation, digitized processes and innovation, and connecting its global operations.

As part of its cloud transformation process, the company had set up a cross-functional center of excellence. This would help ensure that the right efficiencies, practices and governance were applied to public clouds and increase the internal team’s competence and knowledge of cloud.

Connected in the cloud

To carry out its multicloud transformation, the energy giant was looking to collaborate with a trusted cloud partner – one that could provide scalability, flexibility, business continuity and most importantly, a high level of security. At the same time, one that was offering a level of cloud maturity that would inspire innovation.

The partner would be central in helping the company exploit cloud to accelerate time to market and innovate new services while maintaining flexibility and agility. It also wanted to outline clear governance rules.

Orange proved an ideal partner for the company’s digital transformation and ambitious cloud-centric roadmap, not only for its expertise, but also its cloud-agnostic approach. The company was impressed by the Orange integration and operational capabilities, delivering complex IT solutions and strategic applications on any platform.

An ongoing transformation

Orange was engaged to work on an agile public cloud approach based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The first step was to put in place a proof of concept (PoC) for non-critical applications. The PoC was designed to provide the speed of application deployment, innovation, resilience and economic efficiencies that the company demands.

Following the success of the PoC, Orange has since worked with the energy giant on the management of cloud-native services for Amazon Cloud based on three key services: monitoring, incident management and change management. Cloud-native services are developed specifically to run in the cloud. Orange provides the secure cloud infrastructure for these services based on AWS.

The Orange trusted-cloud offer spans the entire data chain. It provides data sovereignty and transparency end-to-end across the cloud journey.

The company does not want to switch all of its applications to the public cloud due to the sensitive nature of some of its data. It will, therefore, also maintain its own data center and private cloud.

Orange is now part of the company’s cloud center of excellence, working with the customer on best practices and methodologies for cloud with a view to expanding its remit as part of the company’s pioneering cloud strategy.