Bluetide Communications collaborates with Orange Maritime Satellite Services

Issues and challenges

Bluetide Communications was established in 2009 and has developed industry-leading expertise in commercial VSAT communications. The company serves customers around the globe, offering primary and back-up broadband satellite communications plus value-added services including live video surveillance, VPN, commercial-grade voice services, vessel tracking, cybersecurity and systems monitoring.

With a clear strategic focus on the work-boat industry, Bluetide needed to enhance its global maritime connectivity coverage as part of delivering its brand promise. To accelerate the acquisition of this capability, the company decided to source a partner with specialist VSAT expertise and experience in global maritime markets.

"The relationship with Orange gives us the ability to reach more ships at sea with a larger variety of advanced communications. To operate, the maritime industry depends on consistent, reliable communications between ship and port. Only Orange has a true, international network to make that connection. Running our solutions through Orange will have a transformative effect on how maritime shipping is conducted."

Emil Regard, Chief Executive Officer, Bluetide Communications

The objective

Ensure connectivity capability worldwide.

  • Orange Satellite Services (managed global Ku band VSAT) with the ability to switch to alternative satellite beams as required to deliver seamless global coverage
  • Full integration with Bluetide technology, joint delivery and services for navigation, cybersecurity, voice, video, corporate applications and asset management
  • Program and partner management

Orange Business Services is enhancing the Bluetide Communications offerings through its worldwide maritime knowledge and technology.

  • Increased capability to open new shipping lanes
  • Improved crew welfare
  • Global connectivity via a single provider
  • Platform for digital transformation and smarter ships
  • Secure, reliable, consistent maritime network
  • Ability to deliver services with full customer support

Bluetide Communications has developed industry-leading expertise in commercial VSAT communications.

  • Established in 2009
  • Global maritime connectivity