Asian multinational uses multicloud to connect with hard-to-reach markets

Open Cloud Alliance helps to seamlessly deploy public, cloud-based systems worldwide

This multinational Asian home electronics company has grown rapidly and has a presence in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. It was looking to centralize its IT infrastructure and move to cloud to better support its ambitious expansion plans, improve overall management and keep track of budgets.

A single window on its IT estate

The company found it hard to control its IT activities and manage the service level agreements (SLAs) of local sub-contractors. Because regional and local teams were responsible for IT and connectivity locally, the company found it difficult to have a clear overall picture of its global IT estate.

To solve this issue, the company decided to move away from its primarily on-premises model to a centralized multicloud model. Enhanced visibility would enable it to better control its IT infrastructure and forecast IT spend.

After much consideration, the multinational opted to go with Orange Business because it could provide both the network connectivity and the cloud as a bundle by leveraging the Open Cloud Alliance. This would allow it to unlock hard-to-reach markets in Africa and South America, for example. The solution also gave the multinational one centralized point of contact for both connectivity and cloud.

The Open Cloud Alliance was set up by Orange Business with Huawei and is currently bringing other global partners on board. The Alliance enables enterprises to easily and seamlessly deploy public, cloud-based systems worldwide – even in the most highly-regulated regions.

An explicit chain of command

Local businesses will no longer need to place orders with local partners for IT services. All orders will go through Orange Business, which will provide the multinational with total visibility and control of its IT infrastructure. This includes a centralized SLA that will dramatically simplify IT management.

Centralized control will also enable the multinational to better control its budgets. Previously it had to get quotations from local partners at the beginning of the year, which was a complex process and often unreliable. Orange Business provides the multinational with a catalog of global pricing so it can more accurately plan its IT spend.

The company will also benefit from enhanced security. Orange Business, utilizing the experience of Orange Cyberdefense, provides an additional layer of security compared to the multinational’s traditional IT infrastructure. This means that security can also be centralized as opposed to being taken care of at a local level, which previously left the multinational at risk of exposure.

Orange Business provides an API to trigger cloud deployment centrally. This can integrate with the multinational’s office automation (OA) so it can streamline application request approvals and deployment to the cloud.

The multinational will, for the first time, be able to standardize and centralize its IT and policy enforcement, speeding up application requests and ultimately time to market. Application approval and deployment will now take hours instead of days.

Finally, the company will make significant savings on traffic charges. Most public clouds charge for egress traffic from certain cloud data center regions. Egress traffic is data that leaves the network for an external destination – in this case the cloud – and is typically charged per gigabyte (GB). Traffic is hard to predict, and heavy workloads can result in large bills. Orange Business, however, sends egress traffic across its Business VPN Galerie so the multinational only pays for the fixed bandwidth.

The future is in the cloud

Following detailed consultancy with Orange Business experts, the multinational’s cloud migration will use a phased approach to minimize business disruption.

Once deployed, the multinational will benefit from the global reach the Cloud Alliance provides, together with the global connectivity expertise of Orange Business.

Centralized management built on a multicloud strategy will provide a single set of unified rules and processes that will reduce costs and drive efficiencies and productivity.

Take the headache out of connecting to cloud with the Open Cloud Alliance, a privacy-compliant cloud infrastructure that respects GDPR and other local regulations, while ensuring data security. Download our guide, Open Hard to Reach Markets with Cloud, to find out how.