A multinational FMCG is leading the way in adopting agile working, and Orange Business has become an early adopter in its wake, working closely with the enterprise as its single end-to-end connectivity partner.

The multinational instigated an agile methodology to improve flexibility, enhance productivity and provide greater transparency and invited Orange on its journey. In order to continue the long-standing relationship that Orange has with its customer, it had to adopt agile and reconsider the way it works with its own internal IT teams.

A change in mindset

Orange immersed itself and its teams inside the multinational to fully take on board this innovative way of thinking. It allowed Orange to bring agile methodology into its own organization and educate its own people on what has become a valuable learning voyage.

Orange quickly showed its flexibility in thinking outside traditional commercial arrangements, such as adhering to the conventional format of contracts, for example. With senior management support to change how it works, Orange has fully embraced agile working with the multinational, which it sees as an emerging trend.

Orange has rapidly recognized the power of agile working. It has helped accelerate the multinational’s digital transformation and, at the same time, changed the mindset within Orange, making it more adaptable.

At the same time, agile has enabled Orange to build a true partnership with the multinational and take it to a new level of intimacy. Working as one with the multinational’s internal teams provides Orange with an insight it doesn’t have with regular contractual relationships. This has allowed it to bring rapid added value to the customer and have a better view ahead of what will be required.

Teamwork and transparency are essential

The multinational has adopted a scrum agile methodology approach involving small teams working together in an open environment. Work is done in short cycles dubbed “sprints,” and teams meet in a daily “stand-up” to discuss any issues.

Transparency is a crucial principle in the scrum approach, as it enables stakeholders to look at the result of sprints and provide valuable input. This visibility uncovers any problems before they become issues in a project. It also makes sure that everyone is working to the same priorities and timelines.

Agile accelerates digital transformation

This agile methodology has enabled the multinational to continue to outsource its IT where required but enable its IT department to retain centralized control. The approach has also provided Orange with newfound intimacy with the customer, allowing the partners to define the right technological priorities to drive value for the multinational’s business. Both parties work iteratively, continually adapting and delivering business value.

The result is empowered collaborative teams that have enabled the multinational to speed up its digital transformation, accelerate innovation and better serve its customer base. In addition, it has been a game changer for Orange in the way it works with its customers – and one it will take forward into other accounts.