Keeping your business secure is getting harder. Externally, threats multiply by the day, with bad actors deploying the latest technologies and techniques to access your systems and data.
Internally, poor cyber hygiene, limited employee knowledge, skills shortages and a lack of visibility of all the applications and platforms running your operations make maintaining robust defenses extremely complicated.

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Protecting your business will only get more complex as your organization expands its digital footprint. The increasing proliferation of systems that combine the cyber and the physical adds a new risk – that a successful attack could cause physical harm.

The cost of failing to keep your data safe includes reputational damage, impact on ongoing operations, and in many cases, legal consequences. For many businesses, it is a case of when, not if, they fall victim to a data breach or other cyberattack. This places new emphasis on being able to act quickly and mitigate any negative impact.

Many vendors offer solutions, but that in itself is a problem. Having different software for every problem increases the challenges of keeping everything up to date and having adequate skills to run your systems effectively.

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By 2025, 60% of organizations will use cybersecurity risk as a primary determinant in conducting third-party transactions and business engagements.
Source: Gartner

Intelligence-led security

Static defenses are no longer fit for purpose. They cannot respond to agile attacks, and they restrict how quickly you can seize new digital opportunities. To keep safe while realizing your potential requires new approaches.

You need to anticipate threats facing your organization while identifying any risks and weaknesses before hackers do. This means having solutions that deliver the highest security standards to give you the protection you need, backed by high-performance detection that can track threats across endpoints and network. This needs to be supported by capabilities to respond effectively, with rapid incident response and targeted investigations that find answers without unnecessarily disrupting operations.

Intelligence-led security means being proactive, not reactive; the first step is having an intelligence backbone. From dark web monitoring to analyzing the latest trends, intelligence gives you the insights to know where threats will come from and what they will look like and act rapidly at the first sign of attack. It delivers strategic, tactical and operational support and ultimately leads to agile, adaptive security that will keep your business safe in the face of an aggressive, constantly evolving threat landscape.


How we can help

Providing global protection with local expertise

cybersecurity experts worldwide

of threats identified before they have any business impact

experts dedicated to threat R&D and analysis

sites blocked per year

years in information security

day and night all year round

50 billion
logs and events ingested daily by our threat detection platforms

Security Operations Centers and 14 CyberSOCs providing global coverage with local support

End-to-end security to protect your organization

1 Intelligent

Through Orange Cyberdefense, our leading security services provider, we combine intelligence from operations, external data, law enforcement collaboration and in-house R&D to provide you with an intelligence backbone that helps you anticipate, identify, protect, detect and respond.


3,000 Orange Cyberdefense experts qualify and advise on long-term trends and system changes that inform your security strategy and technology choices, ensuring that you have the right solutions to counter external threats and meet your business needs.


Detecting threats as they emerge gives you real-time intelligence on potential attacks and where they might land, allowing you to parry threats and mitigate vulnerabilities.


Prevention is better than cure, and Orange Cyberdefense helps you deploy preventive measures that head off potential attacks before they disrupt your operations. With precision detection and targeted remediation, any attacks can be dealt with and their impact mitigated rapidly.


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Securing businesses like yours

From dealing with specific threats to securing new ways of working, helping simplify complex infrastructures and detecting potential weaknesses, organizations of all sizes rely on the expertise of Orange Cyberdefense to solve their security problems and help build a safer digital society. These include:


Safeguarding a French multinational from the SolarWinds compromise
Intelligent network protection brings EDAG up to speed after being hit by ransomware
Facilitating secure remote access for a building materials company with presence in 64 countries
Building a detection solution for a manufacturer in the aviation industry


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The solutions behind intelligence-led security

Sophisticated attacks demand sophisticated responses. Our solutions enable intelligence-led security that anticipates, identifies, protects, detects and responds to the threats you face.



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