IoT solutions by Orange Business designed for industrial companies of all sizes

The climate crisis increasingly impacts factories and industrial sites worldwide, highlighting the renewed importance of business continuity plans and supply-chain resilience. Connecting industrial sites and production equipment, digitizing and automating operations, and acting upon real-time data are critical for the future of industrial and manufacturing operations.

Whether a small, medium or large-sized company, Orange Business has adapted Smart Industry solutions to help its customers achieve operational excellence and environmental sustainability, reduce production costs and waste and adapt to market disruptions more quickly.

At the service of companies of all sizes

Geolocation for IoT devices is one of the biggest market opportunities, and it’s not hard to see why. To save time and money, many companies are replacing proprietary legacy systems with geolocation solutions to locate, track and monitor physical assets, such as equipment, product, vehicles and people.

Large-scale smart tracking IoT solution for aircraft engines

Safran Aircraft Engines, a world-class aircraft engine manufacturer, was seeking a solution to optimize the tracking and management of its tools in large-scale production areas. They needed a solution tailored to the specific metallic environment of the plants, and one that would not cause wave interference with the equipment within the industrial sites.

Orange Business equipped Safran’s two key production sites with its smart tracking IoT solution, based on an ecosystem of industry-leading partners specialized in geolocation technologies in industrial settings.

Using trackers, the solution makes it possible to accurately pinpoint locations within three meters in a complex environment. The trackers were placed on more than 15,000 specific tools, and 250 antennas were installed at two French plants: Villaroche and Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, which measure 55,000 and 20,000 square meters, respectively.

The teams can utilize data from the trackers to find out where their tracked tools are located – remotely and in real time – with the help of an integrated software platform adapted by Orange Business.

With smart tracking, Safran Aircraft Engines benefits from a tailor-made, precise and reliable digital solution to improve workforce efficiency and potentially also optimize the management and preventive maintenance of its fleet of tools.

Safran Aircraft Engines has chosen the smart tracking IoT solution by Orange Business to accelerate the digital transformation of its industrial processes

Safran Aircraft Engines accelerates the digital transformation of its industrial processes with IoT smart tracking

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Geolocation helps refurbish superyachts

At the port of La Ciotat (France), the MB92 shipyard welcomes around 100 superyachts each year for renovation or transformation. These large-scale projects last several months, and for MB92, every minute counts. Their teams use more than 100 containers on site to store equipment and boat belongings. These containers are moved around the 44 hectares of the site during different phases of a project, which impacts the time spent looking for them.

Orange Business developed a tailor-made IoT solution for MB92 for the geolocation of containers and equipment. The solution has already saved valuable time for the company.

Additional IoT solutions were identified and implemented, such as sensors to monitor temperatures when applying paints and varnishes and remote reading of water and electricity meters. Each indicator provides added efficiencies and avoids waste.

According to Stéphane Silano, IT Manager at MB92, “For us, it is very important to have a company like Orange Business on which we can count and rely when we commit to a project of this scale. I know that Orange will be committed to be by our side in years to come.”

MB92 gets an IoT upgrade to boost operational efficiency at its shipyard

MB92 gets an IoT upgrade to boost operational efficiency at its shipyard

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Facilitating the growth of industrial SME

Santos is a family business that manufactures electrical equipment for catering professionals. The company grew rapidly and today exports its products to 150 countries. Lack of storage space and trouble in locating spare parts were daily challenges.

Santos turned to Orange Business for help with their IoT transformation. An IoT indoor geolocation solution allows the company to geolocate each pallet using small tags. This was a real time saver for this small company, cutting the time to locate the correct part from fifteen minutes to fifteen seconds.

This smart tracking solution also brings additional benefits to the company, such as optimization of stock levels. All these benefits allow Santos to better respect its CSR commitments of robust and infinitely repairable products.

The Internet of Things (IoT) facilitates the growth of Santos, a French industrial SME

IoT facilitates the growth of Santos, a French industrial SME

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Orange Business addresses the need to any size of infrastructures, offering solutions such as mobile private networks, managed OT/IT gateway services, cloud, or critical cybersecurity solutions. Not to mention Orange Business is a digital services company and systems integrator that supports the thinking, building and execution phase of all components of an end-to-end business solution for industries.

Emmanuel Routier
Emmanuel Routier

Emmanuel joined the Orange Group in 1991 and has worked in various B2B and wholesale positions in France, USA and Belgium. He joined Orange Business in 2013 and was appointed Vice President Industries 4.0 in 2019. In March 2022, he became Vice President Smart Industries with the responsibility to develop Orange Business business across all Business Units through a customer centric approach on the Industries.