Top three IoT articles

Many cities have implemented smart city projects aiming to improve urban services with data. Here’s an overview of our recent blog articles on data and smart cities.

Gulf in class: embracing smart cities

In the Middle East, three countries lead smart cities projects: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar with projects such as Saudi Vision 2030, Silicon Park, Dubai and Doha program. MEA has a fast growing population and wants to attract tourists by showing its digital advances to the world. To discover more on this subject read our article.


Smart cities need open data

To help improve citizens’ everyday life and work, smart cities applications need open data. It is important that organizations share their non-sensitive data to improve the quality of the information for users. Open data can also help boost tourism. They are many interesting case studies where cities use smart applications including Paris, Brussels, London and Barcelona. Find out more by reading our article.


How much data is too much?

An enormous amount of data is generated each day. All this data needs to be carefully examined, properly sorted, efficiently processed and securely stored. Some date even has to be discarded. Many organizations take it further with data virtualization which helps them rapidly explore data sets and detect future trends. Read more about the data journey in our article.

Marine Clerc

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