Podcast: Orange Business discusses keeping customers connected through COVID-19 lockdown

In this podcast, Phil Harvey, the Editor in Chief of Light Reading, and his colleague, Senior Editor Kelsey Ziser, interview Orange Business executives, CEO Helmut Reisinger and SVP of Customer Services and Operations, Aliette Mousnier-Lompre.

The focus of the discussion is on how Orange Business is enabling its global customers to work remotely and keep their business operations going. They talk together about business continuity in the time of COVID-19 and the collaborative Let Me Help platform, which is building solidarity among its staff around the world.

Looking ahead, Orange Business Service shares what it is expecting to see with the “new normal” and enterprises’ focus on digital transformation

Listen to the complete podcast here.

Glenn Le Santo
Glenn Le Santo

Editor in Chief, International, at Orange Business. I'm in charge of our International website and the English language blogs at Orange Business. In my spare time I'm literally captain of my own ship, spending my time on the wonderful rivers and canals of England.