Orange Business data lake proficiency recognized in distinguished ISG report

Organizations need to process all the data they collect more intelligently. This necessitates that data lakes are built to make this as efficient and streamlined as possible. So I was delighted to see ISG analysts recognize The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) and Orange Business for our achievements here, which we spotlighted at the Executive Roundtable in Vienna earlier this month.

In its report entitled ISG Provider Lens – Data Analytics Services & Solutions – Germany 2019/2020, the analyst firm highlights *um and Orange Business for our extensive data science and engineering services portfolio. It mentions our high-profile customer references, expanded coverage from the Orange Business acquisition, custom-made solutions across various sectors through our extensive partner network and, finally, our vendor-neutral technology architecture.

The report points out that handling this deluge of big data requires scalable data processing systems, which drives traditional data warehousing to its limits. This is where big data structures in the form of data lakes need to be established, such as those provided by ourselves. They include the ability to visualize structured and unstructured data and automate defined processes and pattern recognition.

Leading on from the report findings, big data was a focus at our Austrian Executive Roundtable in Vienna, Austria on September 12. Dr Helmut Reisinger, CEO Orange Business, Ravin Mehta, *um CEO & General Manager, cloud activities, Germany at Orange Business and myself discussed with our customers how enterprises can use big data effectively and leverage the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

With the third wave of the Internet, dubbed the “Internet of enterprises,” becoming a reality, we have a business world characterized by ubiquitous connectivity, smart objects and AI-driven ecosystems, which is creating the real-time enterprise.

A key takeaway from the event was that only enterprises who know how to coordinate the digital value chain to enable business value will benefit from its development. It is therefore paramount that enterprises look at how data is created, harvested, transported, stored, processed, analyzed, shared, integrated and importantly, secured. Not an easy task in my mind for many enterprises.

To achieve this you need a trusted telco integrator with a strong and expanding partner ecosystem who can speed up data chain values and power the connected enterprise. This is why we have strong partnerships with the likes of Riverbed, Cisco, Dell EMC, Microsoft, Splunk, Apple and Fortinet along the value chain, for example. It is why we have acquired Basefarm and its subsidiaries, including *um.

The Basefarm acquisition marked a major milestone in our international development. It has enabled us to stand out in our capacity to offer business-oriented, tailor-made solutions to our customers through seamless integration of core services in the sphere of big data, cloud and security.

This unique positioning, along with a vendor-neutral consultative approach is, I believe, greatly valued by multinational companies on their way to the “Internet of enterprises.”

Christoph Müller-Dott
Christoph Müller-Dott

Christoph is Head of International Sales at Orange Business. He provides leadership to the sales community to drive the sales pipeline, achieve international business order and revenue objectives and positions Orange as a trusted partner in the digital transformation of multinational corporations. Outside of work, Christoph enjoys many sports and activities, in particular skiing, paragliding, good food and Italian wines.