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In the first week of May, Orange announced the agreement to acquire SecureLink in a press release that generated plenty of media attention across the globe. Many articles noted how Orange has extended its reach in the fast-growing cybersecurity sector with this and other recent acquisitions.

In their blog, SDxCentral quoted analyst Ovum’s "Managed Security Services Provider Profiles EMEA 2018-19" report saying that the consultancy already rated Orange Cyberdefense as a market challenger in the security sector before the acquisition. SDxCentral quoted Ovum saying that security is considered a major growth area for the Orange Group, and the operator intends to develop the Orange Cyberdefense brand "as a pure-play cybersecurity provider beyond the realms of network security."

5G was also in the news for Orange after the recent disclosure of the partnership between Dell Technologies and Orange. Forbes, Light Reading, SDxCentral and RCR Wireless all mentioned the Orange ambition to launch 5G technology in 17 major European cities this year.

Stéphane Richard, Chairman & CEO of the Orange Group spoke about the far-reaching impact of 5G at last month’s Orange Business Summit: "5G will not be just another new development in mobile uses. This is a technological leap that announces a significant transformation of business models for all companies and in all sectors of activity. To take advantage of the opportunities available, companies must anticipate their application cases without delay, and we, operators, must be fully mobilized to support them and develop solutions that meet their needs. The story of 5G has to be written together. More broadly, we must make every effort to make France one of the leading countries in the development of 5G. This future network is an opportunity to unite and consolidate all our resources, our know-how, our advanced industries, our French Tech and our talents at the service of our country."

Elsewhere in the news, Computer Sweden spoke with our Nordic Regional M.D. Simon Ranyard, who discussed the Nordic regional growth strategy for Orange Business and how we're able to act as a global business with a local touch. The report focuses on the importance and potential of the acquisition of Basefarm by Orange in 2018 and how it reinforces our position in the cloud services market.

Meanwhile, many Orange Business people were busy getting their voices and our messages heard as a host of byline articles and interviews were published in the media worldwide. Here's just a very small selection of the articles these activities generated:

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