Introducing new technology to our portfolio: Cisco Webex Contact Center and Cisco Webex Calling

Success demands continuous improvement and alignment with market dynamics. With the ambition to better serve our customers and help them remain competitive in their fast-paced and ever-evolving business environments, Orange Business keeps a close eye on new trends, market entrants and our partners’ strategies and latest available solutions. These evolutions directly influence our customer expectations and, therefore, our action plan as well.

Hence, in addition to our existing Cisco-based contact center offers, our service suite now includes Cisco Webex Contact Center, a native cloud contact center solution based on the latest Cisco software. This solution brings the innovation, flexibility and agility of the cloud together with the security and global scalability that companies now expect from any provider. Cisco Webex Contact Center is the logical companion to our “Cisco Webex Calling delivered by Orange” solution, which was recently launched internationally, enabling a consistent user experience and commonality within the customer environment. Our experience with Cisco-based telephony is now in its 18th year, and Webex Calling brings new capabilities to our portfolio, allowing smaller enterprises to be catered to on a global scale. We are proud to enable hundreds of thousands of employees to collaborate and communicate effectively on a global scale, and the addition of Webex Calling brings a new momentum to this venture.

Our experts have already fulfilled rigorous training, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of this new platform. In September of 2019, we successfully validated the audit step to become a Cisco Webex Contact Center Authorized Technology Partner (ATP). This outstanding accomplishment demonstrates our desire to work with Cisco to develop and enhance our mutual capabilities to support our customers.

Additionally, 878 experts are Cisco certified across the globe (with a total of 3,218 certifications), and we recently won the Cisco Global Enterprise Partner of the Year award. This award is in addition to five others: America Software Award, EMEAR Marketing Award, South Europe Enterprise Award, France Partner of the Year Award and the France Software Award.

Rest assured that our experts are ready to support future customers with the same level of quality, service and commitment that we provide for the rest of our portfolio.

So, whether you are migrating your infrastructure, looking to improve customer service operations or need visibility and control over multiple contact center sites, we have the solution to fit your needs.

Webex Calling

Sandra Collomb

Sandra Collomb has been the Head of the Customer Relationship department since 2011, first for Orange Business and then for Orange Applications for Business.

After several years working in a consulting firm, she joined Orange Business as sales team manager. She is deeply involved in customer relationship topics: focusing on their own clients and end users to better understand them, anticipate their behavior and to ultimately make them feel unique by customizing each interaction. It has been her area of expertise as well as her center of interest since the beginning of her professional career. Her current role is managing business partners and above all to lead her team to provide companies with the most efficient customer relationship possible.