[Replay] How to ensure maximum performance for remote working and collaboration in an environment of disruption?

What are the best approaches for remote working and team and customer collaboration? How can you quickly create virtual contact centers? What are the best tools for collaboration, and how can you scale quickly and securely to facilitate more home workers?

In this webinar, we use proven customer examples to demonstrate the best approaches for remote working and collaboration. Discover our professional recommendations for what actually works and how you, too, can implement a solution right now.

Learn how to:

  • Migrate an in-house call center to a cloud-based environment, preventing business interruptions and allowing your agents to work from anywhere
  • Uncover the collaboration and audio conference solutions that work best for your business and how to augment capacity across these tools
  • Quickly scale up your virtual workplaces using cloud


Stephane Minana, Head of Enriched Interaction and Collaboration Europe, Orange Business
Serge Schertzer, Enriched Interaction and Collaboration, Global Operational Marketing, Orange Business
Bob Smart, Senior Business Manager, Orange Cloud for Business


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