how Coca-Cola uses M2M in its vending business

I had the opportunity to interview Jean-François Leloup, Coca-Cola Senior Vending Manager about the impact of M2M technology on Coca-Cola business.

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M2M remote diagnostic solution helps Coca-Cola better manage end-to-end relationships with customers

By connecting more than 10, 000 vending machines in Belgium and Luxembourg to the back-office of Coca-Cola, drivers can know exactly the quantity and types of products needed for each machine. This allows them to effectively plan their delivery routes and reduce trucks load and CO2 impact.

For the future, Coca-Cola has many ideas for new and innovative services using M2M to continue improving customer relationships and loyalty.

The potential for M2M technology is huge: it can unlock new opportunities for companies to offer a connected and real-time experience for their customers through applications in industries, including:

And what about you? How does M2M impact your business?


Alexandra Hong

After graduating from Montpellier Business School in France and Coventry Business School in the UK, I worked for 6 years in internal communications as a business partner and internal culture and events manager within Orange Group. I'm now responsible for M2M communications at Orange Business.