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Enhances vehicle transit monitoring and security



  • world-leading trade inspection, security and certification services company
  • Cotrack®: tailor-made solutions for Customs to promote revenues, a fair economy, security and Customs modernization
  • tracking devices identify exact vehicle location and all suspicious events
  • all journeys must be fully monitored and registered at each stop
  • good communication between office and vehicle drivers is a key security requirement
  • Customs officers receive real-time status updates through a Web interface
  • benefits include enhanced vehicle monitoring, security and customer service
“As a company that prides itself on its flexibility and its ability to provide tailor-made solutions for our clients, the capability of Orange to supply such a comprehensive package of technologies across a global landscape is of utmost importance to Cotecna’s expansion.”
Pierre-Olivier Pellegrin, Senior VP, Security and Inspection Technology, Cotecna

issues and challenges


Cotecna has been a world-leading trade inspection, security and certification company for over 38 years. Operating from its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, it has almost 100 offices and 4,000 employees and agents worldwide. The company specializes in the development of solutions enabling governments to combat fraud, protect Customs revenue, maintain internal security and facilitate lawful commercial exchanges at national borders.

The security of goods in transit is a core priority for governments with an increasing regulatory requirement for all journeys to be fully monitored. Cotecna was also looking for a solution that would speed up the Customs process at border points.

To meet these requirements and as part of its focus on delivering exceptional customer service, Cotecna was looking to exploit the latest communications technology. In particular, to support transit monitoring services, Cotecna needed a global partner with expertise and experience in M2M to take this forward.


  • Internet of Things
  • Welcome to planet local
the system
tracks and traces all transit operations
to by-pass the system
has real-time status updates: location, time, incident and alarm alert
border control security reduces fraud, raises Government revenue and facilitates fair trade
the objective

enhance monitoring solutions to deliver increased goods-in-transit security, trade facilitation and customer service

the Orange Business Services solution


  • purpose-built track-and-trace solution tailored for Customs transit monitoring
  • on-board data transmission to central system via GPRS for consolidation using back-office software
  • application based on M2M Intelligent Apps Enabler (formerly known as Connected Device Platform)
  • selection and testing of on-board devices
  • Web-based transit monitoring software for real-time monitoring via mapping GUI with event and alarm management and logging
  • program management and software maintenance



the benefits


For Cotecna, Orange has developed Cotrack®, a new solution that enhances Customs transit monitoring capabilities.

increased awareness

  • on-board devices identify the exact location of a vehicle
  • registration at journey checkpoints and borders is faster


growing partnership

  • Orange and Cotecna deliver exclusive turn-key solution
  • the enhanced transit monitoring solution was deployed and has been operational in Togo, West Africa, since 2011

worldwide operation

  • long-lasting, adapted SIMs cope with extreme weather conditions
  • capability is usable worldwide thanks to the Orange international M2M connectivity coverage


enhanced security

  • Customs offices receive real-time updates
  • comprehensive picture is available: vehicle location, time, alarm alert, incident type and status



For Cotecna, a world-leading trade inspection, security and certification services company, Orange developed Cotrack®, a solution that enhances Customs transit monitoring capabilities. Results included enhanced border control security, reduced fraud and increased Government revenue.
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