Efficient video collaboration: Time is gold

We have all been here before:
‘Hello?! Are you there?! I can’t hear you! Can you hear me?’

As well as the usual five or ten minutes delay while:
‘Wait!, he is downloading his software client…’

Or the familiar technological chasm
‘Hold on, Can you call my mobile number; my headset is not working well’



Yes, we all know that time is precious. In the context of a high performing organisation there is a huge opportunity cost that is amplified by the frustration of the end users or employees. Every minute spent in a wasteful meeting eats into time for solo work that is equally essential for creativity and efficiency. Nevertheless, during meetings with many of my customers, many share the same frustrations and experiences about how inefficient collaboration with an internal or external party can be.


Orange provides end to end efficient video-collaboration


Sometimes things may work well internally, but when those organisations want to reach to their partners or their own customers, havoc materialises, one way or another, more often than not. In the end, many times my customer needs to go back to the traditional, plain, audioconference call.

At Orange, we not only provide one of the best global audioconferencing services in the industry for multinationals. As the demand of video services delivered from the cloud continues to grow exponentially, Orange Open Videopresence has created a range of solutions adapted to each need with a unique user experience. On top, Orange provides a booking portal available in several languages in all time zones, to ease the access to videoconferencing and manage the service.

- To be or not to be: shall we use Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Teams?...

For many years Orange has partnered with the best Videoconferencing manufacturers in the industry: Cisco, Microsoft and Polycom. And we actively use Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco Webex Teams, Polycom solutions, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Meetings. But even with the best global network and the best tools from the most renowned manufacturers, experience has proven again and again that it is not enough to make collaboration a success.

Even with the best hammer in the world, it may not be easy to hang a painting

So what is missing? You may have the best hammer in the world, but not able to hang a painting on the wall. Why are our meetings failing to the end users? Why do we seem to be unable to start a meeting without glitches? Perhaps the reason is more immediate than we think: the human factor; the end users are empowered or hindered by the technology. Our Collaboration OpenLabs, supported by our teams of business consultants, go to the core of the impact that video technology has in the end-user experience. We try to make this easy by integrating Bots and optimising the use of APIs.

We also have great partners with the best credentials to optimise the business processes. As a multi-office provider of collaboration and audio video technologies, and managed AV services to businesses and organisations, we have completed AV and UC / Collaboration projects in over 100 countries, integrating solutions related to video conferencing and telepresence, digital media systems, audio, security systems, control rooms, and on-site staffing.

Read more about Audio and Video Conferencing at Orange Business on our product page at https://www.orange-business.com/en/products/audio-and-web-conferencing

To discuss one-click video conference services directly with the author, contact Javier on javier.sanz-blasco@orange.com. And if you are having a bad-hair day and are unable to do video, we can always do a traditional audio call.

Javier Sanz-Blasco

Javier holds an MBA at Henley Business School (UK) and has more than 20 years’ experience in Unified Communications. He currently works as Sales Executive at Orange, where he maps the business requirements of the biggest multinationals to a service. An avid reader and former chess player, he enjoys hiking with his family the mountains of Picos de Europa in Spain and long distance running along the Thames River.