Cut costs and boost trust with a secure contact center payment solution

Contact centers are increasingly handling direct sales to customers, which means taking payment over voice or digital channels. With rising pressures to comply with PCI DSS protocols, increasing frauds, and agents working from home over the past year and for the foreseeable future, it’s a big challenge. But one that Orange Business and Voxpay can solve.

The baseline of expectations around contact center payments originates in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). While it’s not actually a law, there is a growing expectation on companies to adopt these standards.

It’s also a risk issue. Banks who issue credit cards are seeing an increasing amount of card fraud, and consumers are wary of reading their card details aloud to a contact center agent.

Orange and Voxpay – a payment dream team

Orange Business and Voxpay have partnered to offer contact centers an efficient solution to this compliance challenge.

Together, the two companies offer an omnichannel solution that gives customers the option to pay securely over the phone or almost any other appropriate channel, be it Pay By Link, SMS, email, WhatsApp or chat.

Normally, receiving sensitive card data means establishing a firewall and other measures, such as call recording and video surveillance, to be compliant. But with Voxpay, no sensitive data goes through the call center – instead, it is routed through Voxpay’s secure hosting.

This saves a huge amount of money and time for contact center agents, and it takes all the responsibility and stress away. Plus, it’s simple to use: just one click through the contact center interface. And with hosting hubs in the U.S., Paris and Singapore, it supports international call flows perfectly, and new hubs can be installed rapidly if the customer requires it.

“Working with Orange Business is an absolute pleasure. Because they are a trusted and highly experience global player, it makes it easy for customers to integrate Voxpay and scale it up as required. It’s a win-win for organizations and customers.”

Franck Mechineau, CEO, Voxpay

Simple installation

It is usually complicated for contact centers to comply with PCI DSS standards because of the long, sensitive and costly processes they have to implement. And agents working from home during the pandemic made it impossible to guarantee the required security. Voxpay is a lifeline for companies offering direct sales via contact centers. Partnering with Orange Business, companies can benefit from a single point of contact to easily integrate Voxpay on top of their contact center using APIs – with no disruption to the sales process.

The customer dimension – more security, more sales

Customers are naturally reassured by using a secure remote payment solution as there is no need to read out their card details over the phone. Agents supervise the payment process for a more helpful, high-touch and efficient experience.

In fact, some merchants have reported that the secure process is not only faster, but has resulted in conversion rates of over 90%, with no abandoned baskets or drop-offs from customers who have in the past been directed to a website to complete their orders. Some customers have also noticed that their average cart value is more than 110% higher when ordering by phone with Voxpay, as a result of upsell and agents’ advice and assistance, compared to orders on their website.

Handling a Black Friday spike in orders during lockdown

A global information technology provider needed a simple solution to become PCI DSS-compliant. Lockdown accelerated the company’s internal processes even further, with a massive jump in payments for equipment and consumables over the phone during lockdown. But homeworking measures for agents resulted in prohibitively complex checkout processes for small but regular omnichannel purchases.

With Black Friday looming, the company deployed a Genesys-based cloud contact center fully integrated with Voxpay secured payment applications. A pilot was run for 2,900 agents in the U.S. before the global rollout of 5,000+. This provided customers with security of payment and ease of purchase, resulting in faster processes, increased conversion rates and lower cart abandonment rates.

“Voxpay is our preferred partner for remote secure payment for three reasons: the ease of integration with our voice network, the technical reliability of the platform and a low total cost of ownership for our customers compared to the potential ROI.”

Sandra Collomb – Head of Marketing for Contact Center, Orange Business

Bernard Duporge

While at Orange, Bernard has acquired a global vision of the Orange marketing approach. He has worked in several markets, including consumer, corporate and professional. Now in charge of CRM, his current role is to drive customer experience projects and develop the Orange Applications for Business value proposition worldwide.