Interview about Security

I have recently interviewed Marcel van Wort, Senior Consultant in sales and marketing at Orange Business in the Netherlands, about security.

To start the interview, he gave us a definition of security. According to him, “Information Security is about the implementation of policies, devices, programs and practices that protect the integrity and safety of computer programs, information and business processes that rely on them.”

He added that, “for organizations, it is vital to maintain a well-established Information Security Management System to protect themselves from threats that may harm their core business and ensure that shareholders maintain trust in their investment.”


During the interview, I asked him five questions about security:
• Why is Information Security important for a company?
• Can you give some examples on the risks currently companies face?
• How can enterprises mitigate those risks?
• How can businesses justify the cost of implementing security controls to mitigate risks?
• Where can Orange help?

He also made an interesting point about the risk posed by employee activity: with the growth of social media (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter), people share information about their personal lives, but also about company sensitive information – often without realizing the danger this poses.

Listen fully to the interview here.


Virginie Tran

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Edit from the Orange Business team: Virginie left the Orange Group since she wrote her last posts.