how to maximize adoption of unified communications solutions

Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging, presence information, telephony, video conferencing and data sharing with non-real-time communication services like integrated voicemail, e-mail and SMS.

Unified Communications offer huge opportunities for the enterprise. They can improve productivity, simplify collaboration, improve teamwork efficiency and increase customer satisfaction while reducing related costs.

But these benefits depend on the end users’ experience when using UC. Creating new challenges, not every Unified Communications project yields the anticipated ROI.

excellent quality for VoIP and video are key to maximize Unified Communications adoption

Guaranteeing the performance of Unified Communications as well as that of other business critical applications is key to maximize success and protect the corresponding investment. And it's true that if voice and video communications aren't good looking, users will simply stop using these services and go back to old ones... not the ideal ROI right?

Enterprises need to use solutions that will help them to guarantee application performance over the WAN (Wide Area Network) and to ensure the success of their IT transformations, including Unified Communications.

take the control of your apps back

The Information System being more and more complicated (more apps, more users, more sites, etc.) companies need to take the control of their apps back: business (SAP, Oracle), Unified Communications, Cloud, SaaS, etc.

First things first, it's about identifying who's using what apps for what performances, and then, to define performance goals depending on how important these apps are to the company.

Thus, critical apps are protected under any circumstances and the IT department is more agile and calm. It can deploy new IT transformations (UCC, hybrid network, VDI, SaaS, Cloud, etc.) securely, in time and within the budget.

if you want to reduce complexity and optimize ROI you need to protect performances of UCC anytime, anywhere!

Reducing complexity by automatically taking control of each dynamic UC flow to guarantee the end-user experience, using a dynamic Application Performance Guarantee solution is a “must-have” for Unified Communications to:

  • secure and reduce WAN investments related to global UC deployment
  • guarantee UC end users’ experience (and adoption!)
  • protect pre-existing business applications from aggressive UC and video network needs
  • simplify WAN performance and management of application performance SLAs with real-time dashboards and KPIs
  • save operational costs and reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Don't forget, the WAN network is the most critical item in the Unified Communications field. Good service and performance are vital to use Unified Communications with success.


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Alain Sausse

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