best-of: our top 10 posts for 2013

As 2013 is almost over, it's time for our annual contest for the best blog posts of the year. This way, it brings you a quick overview of what was important this year on our blog! :-) So here are the top 10 posts:

pros and cons of Gantt charts

This tool encourages us to structure projects with several levels of detail, consider the dependencies between tasks, estimate their duration, identify the critical path, see at a glance the overall tasks list and progress made. But they can also become pretty complex... Here's Michel Operto's point of view of this project management tool.

is MPLS dead? again?

The objective is not to build the best network. What our customers want to do is to deliver applications so how the network technically does its job is becoming less important. Competing by having the best coverage and most reliable MPLS network will not be enough. So... is MPLS dead?

how critical are my critical success factors?

in Ian's point of view, one of the most misunderstood project concepts is Critical Success Factors. Over the years it has come up time and time again when I’m participating on project reviews or audits. So let's dive a bit more into all this...

the angry project manager

Are you an angry project manager? Don’t misunderstand the question! If you smile, feel positive, your client likes you and your team adores you… But this doesn’t mean that you are not angry... Want to learn more? Over here!

technology predictions for 2014 & beyond

As we approach the end of 2013, I see no reason to expect 2014’s emerging technologies and trends to be any different. So what do we have to look forward to?

Unified Communications as a Service – the third way?

The reason Unified Communications is a disruptor is that UCaaS is another specific application that is moving into the cloud and having a major impact on the way companies collaborate and communicate. UCaaS makes Unified Communications and collaboration tools more affordable for all – vital at a time when companies need to reduce costs wherever possible. Read more here.

Iran’s illegalization of VPN – a network case study

Let's dive into this case study of how political powers can get into your way when using a network. Will you be able to work efficiently? Will you have have a secure access to the Internet? What about your data privacy? This time, we'll talk about Iran and the censorship of VPNs...

the end of the web browser?

Is there a future for classic web browsers now apps can be made more customized to customer needs and, thus, will be more effective? Websites that have no app developed, are forcing their users to use the “old” desktop environment and a piece of extra software... “the browser”. More here.

cyber security threats through the Cloud

As with most of technology, security goes through periodic changes and while the Cloud has given users a whole new world of mobile computing, it has also created a whole new landscape for hackers and viruses to attack from. Read Gordon's post here.

the rise and rise of the “as-a-service” (XaaS)

The "as-a-service" (XaaS) approach is really at the heart of so much business transformation at the moment and it is fair to say that it is becoming a strategy in its own right. It is creating a whole new paradigm for customers and service providers. So... XaaS: what’s new?



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