Collaboration solutions: The 4 steps of a successful human and digital transformation

Like the rites of passage into adulthood, human and digital transformation needs to be prepared patiently to let collective and individual performance blossom.

The transformation involves numerous changes and therefore requires suitable accompanying measures that include four key phases:

1. Project qualification: an essential step for employees

Ready to enter the jungle alone? Qualify.

Who in your teams is ready for adventure? Who would like to stay safely at home? Who is ready to go with a little push? Who is ready to convince others that they are in the wrong? Do you have a good understanding of the existing situation regarding the uses and habits of your collaborators?

You need to really qualify why you are carrying out this project as well as who is ready to follow your lead.

2. Preparation of the project upstream, so you can guide your teams

Here is a compass, a map and a Swiss army knife. Plan.

We are nearing the day of departure, and you now know that John needs more guidance and that Clara, who manages well on her own, will be able to lead the team to a safe haven. As team leader, you have prepared a plan and a map of the land and have tried to map out the paths before sending your collaborators out to explore the land. You have even anticipated the adverse winds and prepared a few well-suited tools.

3. User training and tool adoption

Ready and prepared? Train.

You have, of course, not forgotten to teach everyone the survival techniques for hostile territory. Your training sessions for the teams' ambassadors have been a huge success. You eliminated risks by giving each of them a complete survival kit. This time, the group is ready.

4. Qualitative and quantitative follow-up, to measure and improve

How was this trip? Improve.

Your new collaborators have taken the plunge, but they had been well prepared and were able to draw upon all of their resources to overcome difficulties. You can be proud; you have reached a collective milestone. It is now time to measure your success and learn from the failures to make your digital transformation long term.

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Maxime Echene
Maxime Echene

I am the Product Owner, Marketing Services within the Collaboration and Communication business unit at Orange Business. I am an Agile Coach and listen to our customers and our salesmen to help facilitate their digital transformation projects. I have launched an agile mode customer support service in France and internationally.