collaboration in the Cloud: a business innovation driver, part 2

This is the second half of a two-part article. Part 1 can be found here. If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and check it out!

the proven value of collaboration in the Cloud

Collaboration in the Cloud would offer a lot less value if all it did was standardize, industrialize and level down all employee uses. However, the UCaaS model adapts to the value and specificity of each company and provides the tools needed to measure and increase productivity based on several different axes.

improve the value of collaboration for the right user services

Don’t fight against the natural productivity of your company’s employees and talent! The goal is to offer more to those who want more, while limiting the complexity and average cost of the entire solution.

enhance your company’s commercial value

Until now, familiar technologies like customer contact centers and call centers were only available to big companies that had a large number of interactive voice services. Now, the advanced options of Interactive Voice Servers measure the quality of customer contact, while on-demand contact centers let companies temporarily transform a user community into a contact center. Just imagine the huge impact this tool can have on a marketing campaign organized for the launch of a new product, which can now count on the support of every employee. It can also organize customer callbacks to promote a company event or improve crisis management. promote innovation and idea sharing According to a Forrester study, as more companies strive to achieve better business results with fewer resources, they are driven to innovate more rapidly — creating more new products, engineering or re-engineering more efficient processes, and recruiting more talented, creative, and diverse workforces.   Without question, it’s much easier to provide training when it’s “wherever you want, whenever you want” (link in French).

The UCaaS model is the right path for future development. Innovative collaboration technology will be developed in the Cloud. Even though both models (purchasing onsite solutions and subscribing to SaaS solutions) are still available on the market, collaboration services leaders will continue to invest much more in the Cloud. It provides improved management, faster setup, lower operational risk, higher user satisfaction rates, a powerful platform for exchange and information sharing that promotes flexibility and innovation… After all, these are the core values of any business.

Nicolas @Cisco France

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Nicolas Moquereau

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