Innovation is essential today

Innovation within and beyond your organization matters more than ever in an age of disruption. It’s the process through which we can create new value for customers by developing better products and services, while capturing value for our own business by reducing operational costs through digitization.


Shifting industry boundaries mean that change is happening faster and coming at us from all directions. Technology has now become so specialized that nobody can afford to do everything at the highest level, and you have to partner to drive innovation. That’s why we work closely with our vendor ecosystem, suppliers, start-ups, academia, customers and their lead users to generate the new ideas and insights that drive innovation.

Critically, data is the bedrock of innovation, enabling us to anticipate customers' unmet needs, analyze their end-to-end experience of a company’s products and services to identify points of friction, or find opportunities for new business-process efficiencies. And it’s vital to be able to execute and scale an idea globally in the real world, which is where our global expertise, infrastructure and understanding comes into play. With our rich and diverse co-innovation ecosystem, we’re better able to create business value with customers in all the geographies in which they operate.


Co-innovating for better digital business success

How can you co-innovate with Orange?

Find out how innovative ways of thinking deliver disruptive ways of winning. In this e-book, you'll learn more about our co-innovation approach and find out how we can help you improve your digital business by:

  • Sourcing the best talent from everywhere through collaboration with our customers, technology providers, nimble start-ups and universities
  • Taking advantage of proven co-innovation methodologies
  • Ensuring that great ideas will work effectively in the real world by not forgetting the human dimension when it comes to employee engagement, training and addressing cybersecurity risks
  • Disrupting industries, reshaping business models and changing lives

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"We believe that innovation is most effective when the end users or consumers are involved in its inception, creation and implementation. Our mission is to help our customers reveal and shape their own innovation, the one that will make the difference in their specific market. We animate a 360° co-innovation ecosystem, which puts customers at the center and gathers a unique set of points of view, skills and technologies that we orchestrate for and with them. Companies thrive on innovation. We help to shape yours."

Raluca Cousson-Postoarca, Head of Innovation, Orange Business Services


Innovation success stories



Mobileye: making vehicles safer

How is digital technology driving car safety and urban mapping? Discover how an innovative partnership with Orange has enabled Mobileye to improve driver safety and help to map the urban environment.


APL Logistics: driving digital transformation

APL Logistics is driving innovation in all areas of its business through the use of AI and automation to reduce costs and provide customers with better data about the services they are using.


Why co-innovate with Orange Business Services?

We create value
At Orange Business Services, innovation is the process of creating value (for individual businesses, for consumers and for society as a whole) by applying novel solutions to meaningful problems. It’s not just about having an idea — but executing it so people can enjoy the benefits it brings. It has to solve real human problems and make all our lives better.

We anticipate the future
Co-innovation is very distinct from the “build it and they will come,” off-the-shelf approach to solution selling. Solution selling assumes that the enterprise fully understands what problem they need to solve, but this isn’t always the case. There can be ambiguity and multiple paths to resolving an issue. It’s vital to anticipate customers’ future needs to mitigate the risk of disruptive competitors entering a market.

We consider your customers
Our approach to co-innovation is driven by a desire to understand the consumer's end-to-end experience with a product or service, identify pain points or issues, anticipate unmet needs and find ways of delivering new value. We work with our co-innovation ecosystem using proven “Design Thinking” and “Agile” methodologies to explore problems and potential solutions, create a minimum viable product (MVP) and test it thoroughly. Beyond that, we’re able to take an idea to the pilot stage and scale it in the real world.

Our innovation capabilities and expertise

  • Our global think tank, the Orange Institute, works to understand and prepare for the rapid changes that digital innovations bring to our networked society
  • 8,000 R&D specialists at Orange Labs in 15 locations across four continents with 7,000 patents to date
  • Active in governmental, academic and industry innovation communities and standards bodies
  • 1 in 3 employees have participated in Oz – our employee innovation program (400 ideas have been generated and 30 projects launched)
  • Investments in 130 start-ups globally through Orange Digital Ventures, and support for 100+ start-ups a year through our Orange Fab incubator program
  • We run hackathons and participate in Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank competitions held by our customers
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