Beyond connectivity with MSI for Mobility and IoT

Enterprise mobile connectivity strategies are changing. Large multinational companies who manage mobile fleets on a national, subsidiary-by-subsidiary basis are increasingly looking at new organizational models, processes and tools that will provide central vision and management of disparate, enterprise-wide mobile connectivity services. Multisourcing Service Integration for Mobility is the Orange Business response to this evolving need.

MSI for Mobility enables the centralization of mobile connectivity services because it is operator-agnostic. Similar to other MSI/SIAM models, Orange is able to take over the day-to-day management of mobile connectivity providers and associated vendors in order to oversee and control service delivery on the customer’s behalf, regardless of whether or not we are the CSP. This is a brand new value proposition that goes beyond connectivity by proposing a set of rich, value-added services that enable customers to have a harmonized view of their entire multi-country mobile fleet.

Customer listening and co-innovation

Orange Business has been one of the first operator-integrators to recognize and understand this need.

Why, and how Orange Business?

First of all, we have the right people. The International Mobility Services (IMS) team within Orange Business is a group of specialists with extensive, expert-level knowledge of international mobile connectivity services for the enterprise sector.

Second, IMS has worked closely with our enterprise customers over the years to provide premium mobile connectivity consulting, services and solutions.

Third, the IMS team includes specialized business managers, service managers, technical account managers, solution architects, contract and project managers, account directors, consultants and a dedicated 7/24 Global Service Desk. All these experts have a deep understanding of our customers’ business processes and can provide a global vision and strategy around mobile connectivity services.

We have evolved our own offering beyond connectivity, and our closeness to our customers has enabled us to engage in conversations around strategic transformation via value-added services such as MSI. This enables us to embark on key co-innovation projects that allow us to successfully test core concepts relating to MSI for mobile connectivity.

MSI for Mobility and IoT are game changers

We recently sat down with a group of industry analysts to present some of these ongoing projects. We discussed our progress on rolling out MSI for Mobility and, more recently, MSI for IoT to our enterprise customers. As Patrick de Trez, Head of International Mobility Services at Orange Business, explained to the group:

“Over the past year, we have moved off the drawing board and into action by engaging with customers on a number of MSI for Mobility and IoT co-innovation initiatives. We are responding to RFPs and working with decision-makers at our key accounts to strategize around new operational models for mobile connectivity services for their mobile workforces.”

One of the key questions to come out of our exchange concerned the key drivers that underlie the transformative process upon which customers embark. Needless to say, financial (i.e., cost-reduction) considerations drive major transformation projects. But other drivers, such as streamlining business-critical mobility support and improving the end-user experience, also come into play.

MSI for Mobility responds to all of these concerns because the service covers the breadth and depth of the entire mobile service ecosystem.

Accompany the transformation

Decision makers recognize that as the proportion of the mobile workforce increases in their enterprises, the need for fundamental organizational transformation for mobile connectivity services becomes an imperative. Orange Business is well-positioned to accompany organizations through this journey.

As Gary Barton, Principal Analyst at GlobalData, points out:

“The management of global mobility and IoT contracts is a clear pain point for enterprises where many are looking to simplify processes and contract structures. Orange has the global managed service credibility to offer a compelling solution.”

Read GlobalData’s full report: Orange Offers Integrated Management and Co-Innovation of Mobility and IoT with MSI Mobility (report available to GlobalData Technology Intelligence Center subscribers only)

Allyson Kilbrai

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