Applus+ adopts Orange Business fully managed SD-WAN to support expansion roadmap

Spanish-headquartered Applus+ is deploying a fully managed Flexible SD-WAN solution from Orange Business to support its rapid expansion plans across five continents. Applus+ provides testing, inspection and certification solutions for customers in several industries, including automotive, oil and gas, power, aerospace, construction, and mining. These solutions ensure that assets and products meet quality, health and safety, and environmental standards and regulations.

Applus+ was looking for a robust, secure, and scalable network to support its offices in 70 countries, some in remote locations. The company’s MPLS network was no longer flexible enough to keep pace with the highly competitive marketplace in which Applus+ operates, where acquisitions are commonplace.

Flexible SD-WAN helps Applus+ overcome the challenges of branch networking and provides users with anytime, anywhere access, along with comprehensive, integrated security services. These include an automatically assigned firewall, intrusion prevention, content filtering, anti-virus, and malware protection. Applus+ can apply technology and service updates from the cloud, and a dashboard allows IT teams to remotely take control of any incident, from an alert to a fix. Analytics and monitoring tools allow Applus+’s in-house IT team to forecast and manage networking requirements, optimizing bandwidth availability accurately.

Fast deployment, set up, and configuration of the SD-WAN overlay are carried out remotely, allowing Applus+ to accelerate its worldwide branch openings. At the same time, the flexibility provided by the network architecture makes it much easier for Applus+ to consolidate acquisitions into its overall infrastructure. In addition, Applus+ is simplifying the management of multiple Internet service providers through an Orange Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI) agreement. MSI provides a 360-degree view of the network, ensures contract compliance according to SLAs, and aligns services with business.

“Adopting a fully managed software-defined networking approach with the support of Orange Business has allowed us to simplify operations, achieve faster time to market, and secure savings on our connectivity budget. Also, it has enabled us to quickly and easily integrate acquisitions into our infrastructure, which is critical in this fast-moving business,” says Alfred Moliner, Chief Information Officer, Applus+.

I am very pleased a dynamic company like Applus+ selected Orange Business as its trusted partner to achieve their business growth ambition. As a network-native digital services company, our teams continue to be closer to our customers to ensure they benefit from global and secure solutions with innovative technologies to be more agile and performant.

Francesca Puggioni
Francesca Puggioni

Francesca Puggioni is the Managing Director of Orange Business for Southern Europe. With an extensive international business background, she is a champion of cultural diversity in the workplace to inspire creativity and drive innovation and favors a dynamic and innovative management model. She is a great supporter of socially responsible initiatives, especially where technology can have a positive impact on society as a tool for social, economic and environmental development.