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Orange Business named a Leader by ISG in its latest report: ISG Provider Lens™ Sovereign Cloud Infrastructure Services Europe 2023

Date: December 2023
Author: Rohan Thomas


In its ISG Provider Lens™ Sovereign Cloud Infrastructure Services report, ISG recognizes Orange Business as a Leader in the category of Sovereign Cloud Infrastructure Services.

This report analyzes the relative positioning of key market players based on their competitive strengths and the attractiveness of their portfolios. Its purpose is to assist executives in their decision-making process.

ISG Provider Lens™ Sovereign Cloud Infrastructure Services Europe 2023

"Orange Business' sovereign cloud solution is separate from its other public cloud offerings enhancing the digital trust it offers to customers. Also its heritage as a network-native digital-services provider enhances its automation capabilities."
Rohan Thomas, Senior Lead Analyst


Orange Business stands out for the recognition of our investments focused on sovereignty and trust. We are proud to provide our customers with a cloud platform and services that meet the highest standards of security and data protection, thereby enhancing their trust in our solutions, such as Cloud Avenue.

The relevance of our infrastructure and cloud service offerings is another pillar of our leadership. Designed to meet a variety of customer needs, our solutions offer exceptional flexibility to adapt to the specific requirements of each business. This tailored approach ensures a perfect alignment between our services and the strategic objectives of our clients.

Our extensive presence in multiple European countries, with local data centers and teams, strengthens our position as a trusted partner. This geographical proximity enables us to provide agile and personalized services, while complying with local regulations.

Finally, Orange Business distinguishes itself by its ability to support clients beyond the cloud in various aspects, including network activities, cybersecurity, as well as areas such as Data and AI, and IoT. Our commitment to expanding our service portfolio ensures that our clients benefit from holistic support in addressing the challenges of digital transformation.


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