Everest Group

Orange Cyberdefense rated as a Major Contender in the Everest Group IT Security Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2020

Date: June 2020


According to Everest Group, traditional enterprise security strategies have become obsolete due to the accelerated adoption of digital technologies, exponential rise in digital touchpoints, consumerization of IT, and convergence of IT-OT environments. Enterprises’ shift toward a programmable lean hybrid infrastructure, driven by cloud adoption, microservices, containers and DevOps, has further increased the complexities of securing a hybrid environment.

In this context, enterprises need to build their security strategies based on their business context, keeping in mind the geography, operating vertical and enterprise context (maturity, nature, scale and model of business), among other factors. To do so, they should partner with third-party providers to align their security initiatives with broader business goals.

In this research, Everest Group presents an assessment of 22 IT service providers featured on the IT Security Services PEAK Matrix.


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