[Replay] Data intelligence in the new normal

Data and analytics have always been critical in helping business leaders make informed decisions. Now, many multinationals are struggling to respond to the new coronavirus impact.

In our new normal, data and analytics can be used effectively in terms of bringing your employees back to the office environment safely, improving your customer experience, supply chain issues, cost optimization, IT optimization and more.

There are new questions that will need to be asked, analyzed and run through simulations that require data you might not currently have. There will also be implications that are not abundantly obvious to many businesses.

Webinar topics

In this webinar, we:

  • Discuss the criticality of data governance and how it has been impacted by Covid-19
  • Explore the new data sets your business should consider and your ability to integrate them quickly
  • Share how wireless LAN and IoT can work with your current data infrastructure to support your healthy workplace or retail environment


Matt Stratton

Matt Stratton
Head of Digital and Data, Americas
Orange Business
Email: matt.stratton@orange.com

Ashley Peacock

Ashley Peacock
Director, Life Sciences and Healthcare
Orange Business
Email: ashley.peacock@orange.com


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