[Replay] Becoming risk resilient to future-proof your business

Organizations are on high alert. We are experiencing a period uncertain of what lurks around the corner or what the new normal entails. Enterprises need to ensure that their businesses are ready for whatever threat may come next.

Now is the time to reconstitute how to effectively protect and secure your company’s critical assets; reshape the trust of employees, partners and clients alike; and enable your business to thrive in spite of adversity.

In this webinar, we:

  • Explore the characteristics of resilient enterprises
  • Identify the differences between resilient enterprises and their more susceptible peers
  • Discuss techniques for building business resilience that will have lasting benefits and help prepare for the unforeseen future


Rob Mello

Rob Mello
Head of Strategy & Transformation, AME
Orange Business Services
Email: rob.mello@orange.com



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