[Replay] Advisor interview: ISG – Emerging enterprise IT trends post-COVID

Entire industries and individual enterprises across the globe have faced an unprecedented disruption in business as a result of COVID-19.

Responding to this challenge has placed a spotlight on resiliency in the enterprise like never before. More importantly, as recovery begins, ensuring the enterprise is prepared for the future is becoming a priority for many Boards of Directors.

In addition, rapid adoption of teleworking has placed strain on network infrastructures and created a “forced adoption” of the Internet as the foundation of the enterprise communication infrastructure. Both IT teams and top executives are measuring the business, user and financial impacts of that shift.

As part of our Analyst Insight series, Marc Schlesinger, Director of Strategic Partnerships for AME, discusses these topics with ISG’s Dave Muller, Partner, ISG Network Advisory Services.

Webinar topics

In this webinar, with our focus on network technologies, we discuss ISG’s views on:

  • What the next 18-24 months has in store for the global enterprise
  • Which verticals have been impacted the most, and what do potential recovery times look like
  • Who stands to benefit from these market shifts and why
  • The immediate post-recovery enterprise priorities and the best investment areas for large global enterprises returning to business


Marc Schlesinger

Marc Schlesinger
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Americas
Orange Business Services
Email: marc.schlesinger@orange.com

Dave Muller

Dave Muller
Partner, ISG Network Advisory Services
Email: dave.muller@isg-one.com