Criminals thrive in a crisis. We detect the threats you can’t see

Every time is a good time to have a robust cybersecurity solution in place to protect your organization from cybersecurity threats and data breaches, but perhaps none more so than right now. With remote working being the new normal, organizations have to think in new ways to protect what they own.

The need for reliable threat detection and prevention is now just as much to do with helping and enabling remote workforces to work safely and with confidence in their homes as it is to do with safeguarding data, intellectual property or business-as-usual operations.

Employees working remotely are at the very edge of wide area networks and are those using email most frequently and those most likely to unwittingly use apps and cloud services not permitted under corporate policy.

Organizations are looking to strengthen security across their enterprise to resist cyberattacks, such as ransomware and malware, by employing and deploying robust data protection principles, threat intelligence, email encryption, cloud security solutions and more. Like the work we do at Orange Cyberdefense, where we combine market-leading technology with some of the industry’s most talented experts, to provide you with the security services you need to reduce your risk.


of organizations experienced a significant or material breach in the last 12 months.

EY Global Information Security Survey 2020


Cyber threats during and after the global health crisis

COVID-19: A biological hazard goes digital

Cyber threat actors are trying to capitalize on the global health crisis by creating malware or launching attacks with a coronavirus theme. As citizens become vulnerable to both physical and virtual threats, the dark underbelly of the cybercrime industry is exposed for all to see. Yet the exploitative behavior by this ecosystem is only one part of a bigger cybersecurity picture – a picture that will irreparably change shape and form once the coronavirus has been thwarted.

This whitepaper pools our knowledge, insights and experience regarding cybersecurity in the heat of the current COVID-19 crisis and during the cool-down period in the post-COVID-19 world.


Research-driven insights to build a safer digital society

Feeling like you need to get the "big picture" of cybersecurity? Our Security Navigator gives you first-hand insights into the threat landscape from our 14 global Cyberdefense CyberSOCs, including expert reports and technology reviews on topics like VPN vulnerabilities and HTTPS encryption/certificates.

You’ll also be able to learn more about the attack patterns and statistics for your business size and vertical.

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Test your organization’s ability to detect and respond to
an attack

Spot Check Penetration Test

Spot Check Penetration Test

Cybercriminals thrive on uncertainty. They scour the Internet for common vulnerabilities and use well understood techniques and exploit them. Our Spot Check Penetration Test – part of a wider, more-comprehensive Security Assessment portfolio – aims to reduce the risk of cyberattacks by mimicking the techniques of real hackers.

Our ethical hackers will undertake a comprehensive assessment, discover where all the security vulnerabilities can be exploited, and prioritize those risks most important to your organization. The test is conducted remotely over four days and is fully compliant with industry standards for testing guidelines.

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Goal-Oriented Penetration Test

Goal-Orientated Penetration Tests

With an organization’s express permission, our ethical hackers attack areas of critical importance to seek out vulnerabilities so that cybersecurity threats can be prevented – areas involving material amounts of money, secret business information, intellectual property or large amounts of data.

Not all attacks or attackers are the same, of course. Our test is designed to prevent opportunists looking for easy wins, insiders who know the systems well enough to exploit them, hackers manipulating systems in ways no one ever intended, and advanced attackers ranging from organized criminal groups to nation states.

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Get ahead of cybersecurity breaches

The challenge with detection is that there is not one type of technology that solves the complete set of detection requirements. There is a need for conducting detection across multiple sources including log data, network data and endpoint data. There are also threat activities that happen outside of your infrastructure that may cause a risk to your business that need to be detected.

We offer a complete Managed Threat Detection portfolio that covers not only the SOC triad of log, network and endpoint, but also detection of threats to your business on the Open, Deep and Dark Web. Orange Cyberdefense helps you to start with the most relevant monitoring for your current need, and then expand as your business requires.


Arm yourself with cybersecurity tools

We offer a range of penetration testing courses designed to train those with an interest in understanding how hackers think, behave and the techniques they use. Our courses, delivered by SensePost, the specialist pentesting arm of Orange Cyberdefense, have helped many in the art of ethical network and application exploitation over the last 10 years.

Our courses cover the "Hands on fundamentals’" for those starting the journey into ethical hacking and "Web application hacking" – understanding how apps are built and controlled. "Infrastructure hacking" is aimed at penetration testers wanting to understand infrastructure, and "Black ops" for more experienced testers wanting a greater technical understanding. Lastly, there’s "Modern Wi-Fi hacking" for those wanting to ethically compromise networks.


Connecting data across IT and OT is essential for security

There’s an ever-increasing importance for organizations to digitally transform and with it the need to converge their information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT) domains. But with the ever-increasing amount of data being generated, the journey towards IT/OT convergence is not always straightforward, particularly when it comes to issues relating to cybersecurity.

This IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Orange Business, discusses how rather than seeing security as a barrier, organizations are putting cybersecurity front and center and seeing it as a business enabler when making strategic digital transformation decisions.

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