DDoS Protection, defense against all types of denial-of-service attacks

Do you want to preserve your business from denial-of-service attacks? DDoS protection, powered by Orange Cyberdefense, offers you defense against all types of DDoS attacks. It is a complete service offering:
- End-to-end handling of attacks from identification of the risk to remediation
- Attacks detected with advance warning thanks to weak signals detecting, allowing to identify certain attacks before they are launched

DDoS Protection Orange Business Services technical diagram

Three complementary services managed by experts from Orange CyberSOC

Web Guardian

Protection and performance for your web applications

- Access via 180,000 Akamai servers distributed throughout the world (CDN)
- Your websites hidden behind these servers
- A security policy by web application (WAF application-layer firewall)


Protecting your bandwidth and data centers

- Traffic redirected to cleaning centers distributed throughout the world
- Illegitimate traffic eliminated and the cleaned traffic retransmitted
- Automatic redirection, or only when attack detected

Site Guardian

Protecting your data centers

- Installed on-site between the Internet router and your equipment
- Cleans traffic upstream of equipment
- Complements Cleanpipe to reduce slow performance related to redirection, and protects your bandwidth

Orange CyberSOC

Organization dedicated to dealing with cyber attacks

- Trained experts
- Supervision, detection, reaction …and anticipation
- Constantly tailoring security policy to your activity

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