Business Everywhere Smart: worldwide Wi-Fi connectivity made easy

Business Everywhere Smart is a perfect solution for global organizations moving towards greater mobile working and willing to improve their employee productivity and efficiency. Available for smartphones, tablets and laptops, the solution connects easily mobile users to the world’s largest terrestrial and inflight Wi-Fi network, and helps them communicate, collaborate and stay productive while keeping costs predictable.

Business Everywhere Smart Orange Business Services diagram

Keeping mobile workers connected and productive wherever they are

Business Everywhere Smart, the operator agnostic solution provided by Orange Business Services in partnership with iPass, gives mobile employees an easy and cost-effective access to the best-in-class Wi-Fi network around the globe. It allows them to stay connected and productive, wherever they are, from airplanes to hotels to the corner cafe.

Unlimited, Invisible, Everywhere

▪ Unlimited Wi-Fi usage with no limit in time, data or speed, and number of devices
▪ Always-on application connecting users to the world’s largest Wi-Fi footprint with 64+ million hotspots in 160+ countries and territories, and 3’000+ planes across 20 leading airlines

Increased productivity and performance

▪ Available for all types of mobile devices and main operating systems, and in key traveler locations (airports, hotels, train stations, convention centers, public venues, planes)
▪ Expanding mobile connectivity and supporting better real-time services (VoIP, unified communications, video)

Predictable pricing and simple management

▪ One flat fee per user, per month for both terrestrial and inflight Wi-Fi
▪ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform offering quick and easy implementation (web-based user provisioning, service insight and reporting)

Easy activation and greater security

▪ One-click activation (Single Sign-On) and automatic connection to the best-performing Wi-Fi network
▪ Last Mile VPN from iPass keeping employees’ data protected where they need it most

A solution that is as dynamic as your mobile workforce

Business Everywhere Smart lets employees spend more time with customers, share ideas with colleagues, seize new opportunities and achieve their full potential wherever they are. The solution gives employees the seamless connectivity they deserve to work productively in mobility.

Partnering with iPass

Business Everywhere Smart is delivered in partnership with iPass, the world leading global Wi-Fi company. With a business relationship that goes back a decade, our strong joint teams support our customers' journey and make it easy to buy and manage Wi-Fi services.