Packaging leader Amcor improves application reliability and security with hybrid cloud services from Orange Business

  • Amcor adopts hybrid cloud services to reduce intra-company complexities and costs
  • Orange Business combines its public cloud solution “Flexible Engine” with private cloud IaaS to connect Amcor’s global operations

Amcor, a leading global packaging company, has deployed hybrid cloud services from Orange Business to connect its worldwide infrastructure, both simplifying operations and benefiting from a single pay-as-you-go solution.

Orange Business’ hybrid cloud solution will enable Amcor to improve interactions and collaboration among employees in more than 40 countries across five continents. Amcor is using the cloud to host business applications and appliances.

The hybrid cloud infrastructure consolidates both its private cloud managed infrastructure and global public cloud services, a specific requirement for Amcor’s global operations. Both, private and public clouds are provided out of three regions across the world – Americas, Asia and Europe – and connect seamlessly through an integrated and secured virtual private network (VPN).

It’s always a challenge to find IT solutions that fit your particular requirements and so finding a partner with a proven track record is a real win for Amcor,

said Joel Ranchin, vice president, group IT, Amcor.

For the public cloud services, Amcor chose Orange Business’ Flexible Engine solution, based on Openstack technology. Amcor has also subscribed to Flexible Engine services, including the management of operating systems and databases and hosting IT infrastructure applications for users in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US.

“It is critical for many global companies to integrate private and public cloud solutions and to do so seamlessly throughout their organization. Putting everything on the same infrastructure enables enterprises like Amcor to seamlessly connect all of their systems across all of their regions securely and efficiently. Our Flexible Engine is the glue that ties everything together,”said Fabrice de Windt, senior vice president, Europe, Orange Business.

In addition to this datacenter solution, Orange Business provides Amcor with a range of managed services, such as security, private WAN and internet connectivity, telephony, videoconferencing and mobility on a global scale.