Orange presents major innovations focused on digital inclusion at Show Hello

At the 6th Show Hello, speaking before an audience of 1,000 business leaders, decision-makers, tech experts and journalists, Stéphane Richard presented his answer to the issue of digital exclusion: “Inclusive innovation”. Simultaneously accessible to all and focused on a positive vision of progress - the “human inside” philosophy - this “inclusive innovation” applies to many parts of the digital sector: the internet of things, artificial intelligence, networks and data.

Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of the Orange Group explained that: “To fight digital exclusion, Orange chooses inclusive innovation: useful and simple innovations that are accessible to the greatest possible number of people. To do so, we deploy the best fixed and mobile networks across the country. We secure and facilitate our customers’ digital lives thanks to our expertise in cybersecurity and in digital identity. We help all our customers enter the eras of artificial intelligence and of the internet of things. All of this, to enable them to participate in a new form of digital society. A progressive, free and enlightened society."

Djingo, the genuinely useful and accessible Artificial Intelligence
Developed with Deutsche Telekom as part of the European AI Alliance, the Djingo smart speaker is voice-controlled and is the perfect interface for all Orange services: it becomes a telephone to make hands-free calls at home, it can be used to interact with Orange TV and to control all the “Connected Home” services.
The Djingo smart speaker will also provide access to Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, to offer a wide range of additional services. Orange and Amazon share a vision where multiple AIs complement each other to bring the richest experience to customers. Today, the companies showcase how they are working together to make this vision a reality with the launch of Orange’s Djingo speaker, which comes with both Orange’s Djingo and Amazon Alexa built in. This is just the start, and both companies look forward to expand multi assistant integration in their future products.
In the future, the range of everyday services available via Djingo will be enhanced through partnerships with OUI.Sncf, Deezer, Radio France and Météo France. The Djingo smart speaker will be available in all Orange stores by spring 2019.

The Djingo artificial intelligence itself is not confined to a single object. Djingo will also be included in other Orange devices, notably the remote control for the TV set-top box, via a simple software update.

5G: preparing the networks of the future
With 5G, Orange is creating a more powerful, faster and smarter network.
The 5th generation mobile network promises considerably improved capacities with speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G. This network is so responsive that all uses are possible in real time, in virtual reality or in augmented reality. 5G will also be a breakthrough network for the Internet of Things, able to connect massive numbers of objects with appropriate performance levels for each type of object and its use: driverless cars, drones, sensors in smart cities, connected robots in industry or the health sector. Moreover, in countries with little fibre deployment, 5G will offer an alternative means to access high-speed broadband. 5G is gradually being deployed on existing 4G sites. It will be installed in 17 European cities in 2019 and ready for commercial release in 2020, so long as enough 5G smartphones are available.

Simple and secure services providing even better at-home experiences
In spring 2019, in France, the “Connected Home” service will make it possible to directly link connected objects to the home’s Livebox to manage them remotely, control their use and analyse their consumption through a single application accessible via a smartphone or, in the future, a TV. “Connected Home” is compatible with Orange devices and the main IoT brands like Philips Hue, Bosch and Netatmo. This offer requires no additional subscription and is accessible to any person with the latest generation Livebox and a premium broadband offer. The service will be deployed through a simple software update.

At the same time, Orange will launch “Protected Home” a complementary security offer for your home, developed in partnership with Groupama. The house is connected to a video surveillance centre that triggers a call-out and calls the law enforcement agencies if required. This will be a subscription-based service.

Each person’s data is valuable and Orange reinforces the protection of the data assets to its customers
While presenting the expertise and services of its Orange Cyberdefence entity to the public, Stéphane Richard outlined his vision for a safer digital society, in which the protection of each person’s data is key. As a trusted operator, Orange recognises the value of its customers’ data assets and offers a number of services that protect that data: securing their digital identity (“Mobile Connect”), their healthcare (“Parcours Patient” or Patient Journey in English), their financial management (“Mon Coach Financier” or My Financial Coach) or their civic engagement (“Le Vote” or The Vote). As part of this same effort, Orange is creating within the Group an ethics committee on data use involving customer and employee representatives.

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