Orange Flexible Computing Advanced allows enterprises to build their own hybrid cloud infrastructure in Asia Pacific

  • Hong Kong joins two other Asia-Pacific data centers to deliver regional IaaS
  • Offers enterprises complete flexibility to adopt best-of-breed cloud technologies

Orange Business today announced the expansion and availability in Asia Pacific of their next-generation Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud offering called Flexible Computing Advanced.

The service is targeted at large multinational companies who have multiple data center and network requirements across many countries.

By standardizing and consolidating customer cloud infrastructure onto a globally consistent and reliable virtual private cloud, Flexible Computing Advanced enables customers to achieve greater savings on total cost of ownership. Enterprises can easily scale up and down IT resources to adapt to their real business needs – and pay only for what they need, when they need it. They benefit from enterprise-class control, agility, scalability and security backed by an industry-leading global network.

Flexible Computing Advanced allows enterprises to build a Virtual Data Center (VDC) with fully-scalable resources (CPU, RAM, storage, backup, network bandwidth). It can be managed by customers via a self-service portal or by Orange Business if required. In addition, customers  are able to add physical servers if they have a specific need for them. Orange offers end-to-end service level agreements (SLA) and management for the entire infrastructure.

In Asia Pacific, Flexible Computing Advanced is delivered from Orange cloud service data center nodes in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, reaching customers across the region. Customers’ data and applications are hosted in the Tier 3+ data centers and are protected by a suite of comprehensive backup and disaster recovery services.

“With this launch Orange Business brings a comprehensive portfolio in private cloud, virtual private cloud and managed hybrid IT services to address the unique needs of enterprises at different stages of their hybrid IT journey. The new solution ‘Flexible Computing Advanced’ and its extended hybrid, multi-cloud capability aggregates private and public clouds under a single cloud brokerage. This offers enterprises the flexibility and agility to adopt best of breed cloud technologies, because no one solution or cloud is perfect match for all of their needs,” said John Marcus, Principal Analyst, Current Analysis.

“With a deep product portfolio across infrastructure, applications and managed services, Orange Business provides an optimized end-to-end data center and cloud infrastructure solution. Orange chose to launch Flexible Computing Advanced in Hong Kong as it serves as the regional hub for thousands of multinationals around the Pearl River Delta. We believe it will help meet the growing demand for IaaS in the Asia Pacific,” said Derrick Loi, Senior Director for Orange Cloud for Business, Asia Pacific.