Orange certified as a Top Employer Global 2017

Last night in Amsterdam, Orange was certified a Top Employer Global 2017. This is the second consecutive year the company has received this commendation, which rewards the best policies and practices in human resources. This year, 30 countries and territories that Orange operates in across five continents, including through B2B entity Orange Business, successfully applied for the certificate.

In Africa, Orange’s B2C operations in Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Conakry, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Niger, and Senegal, as well as Orange Business in Mauritius and South Africa, renewed their Top Employer certifications, alongside Egypt for both Orange and Orange Business. Orange therefore obtained the continental certification for Africa.

In the Middle East, Orange Jordan renewed its certificate.

In the Asia-Pacific region, the ongoing commitment of Orange Business and its teams enabled the Group to receive its continental certification, with country certifications for Australia, China, Hong-Kong, India, Russia and Singapore.

In the Americas, Orange Business was certified as a Top Employer in Brazil, Canada and the US.

Finally, in Europe, Orange’s operations in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Moldovia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Orange Business in the UK renewed their certifications, enabling the company to be certified at the continental level.

Jérôme Barré, Head of Human Resources, Orange Group, commented: “It is with great pride that I received yesterday, on behalf of Orange, our certification as a Top Employer Global 2017. After the positive results of our 2016 social barometers, published in January, this title confirms the quality of our people’s work in 30 countries – one more than last year – on five continents. It’s these men and women who – over the past six months – put the Orange promise into action in our daily lives at work, making it tangible for our employees across the world and bringing to life a unique, digital and caring experience. This year, Orange is once again the only telecom operator among the ten companies certified as Global Top Employers.”

The “Top Employer” certification is based on a highly detailed questionnaire (policies, practices, tools, measures) backed by an evidence-based report. An audit is then conducted to score the quality of the facts provided and compare them with the best practices of a country. The methodology produces a report on each company’s strengths and areas for improvement, covering all human resource policies: talent building, planning, induction, training and skills development, performance management, leadership, career and succession planning, compensation and benefits, and culture.