Orange Business provides Heraeus Group with secure future-proof hybrid network to modernize infrastructure

  • Global hybrid WAN to improve connectivity for 110 locations worldwide
  • Unifies services under Orange Business as one global provider

Heraeus, a leading technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, has entered into a four-year-contract with Orange Business to modernize the Heraeus Global Network and centralize all services under a single global partner. This facilitates the management of the infrastructure and allows for increased transparency in costs, contracts, service level and order and billing.

The goal is to create a homogenous and stable network for Heraeus’ 110 locations around the world. This will provide a secure and fast connection to cloud and communications services to support its business and ensure it is ready to tackle all future challenges. As part of this, Heraeus will unify all services currently provided by almost 100 different providers under Orange Business.

More performance, more efficiency
The solutions provided by Orange Business include a hybrid network with optimized data routing and built-in connectivity to cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365. It provides more bandwidth for improved performance for all Heraeus’ corporate applications. Secure and fast local internet access for better performance and increased efficiency completes the service package.

“For our worldwide business, seamless global collaboration is absolutely key. The Orange Business solutions fulfill our need for uninterrupted and high-quality communication with our subsidiaries and associated companies perfectly. We were specifically looking for a partner with proven global network expertise and found the right partner for our future growth in Orange,” says Martin Ackermann, CIO at Heraeus Holding GmbH.

“A global company such as Heraeus needs a reliable and agile network foundation to tackle the challenges the future holds for this successful multinational enterprise. Orange hybrid networks integrate security, Internet and optimized and application-centric cloud access to meet the business needs of our customers both now and in the future. We are happy that Heraeus chose us as a partner and trusts in our global expertise and ability,” says Helmut Reisinger, executive vice president, International at Orange Business.