Orange Business launches a new version of Fleet Performance for managing vehicle fleets


  • Modular solution, grouping together Orange Business' three flagship fleet management services: Fleet Advanced, Fleet Performance and Fleet Evolution;
  • Bespoke options for a solution tailored to each business;
  • New generation unit with new features and a new highly user-friendly web management interface;
  • Fleet Performance available for businesses in France and internationally.


In four years, Orange Business has become one of the market leaders for onboard telematics and geolocation services in France and has developed this business in Spain, Morocco, Cameroon, Gabon and other West African countries.
To accompany firms in their business processes, Orange Business is today offering an enhanced version of the Fleet Performance service, confirming its commitment to providing and operating a simple and packaged technological solution on a large scale, with lasting reliability. This solution offers new options tailored more specifically to certain activities. In addition, Orange Business is maintaining significant investments in its service platform and plans to roll out enhanced options throughout the year.

Simple, Fleet Performance can be adapted to all business profiles, from self-employed professionals all the way up to multinationals. No investment is needed: this turnkey solution includes a monthly subscription per vehicle - from 33 euros - with the equipment, communications, data management application and all the accompanying services, as well as dedicated telephone support .

Fleet Performance helps managers to:


  • rationalize their fleet's journeys;
  • manage their costs effectively;
  •  better inform their customers and users.


For instance, you will be able to see an increase in productivity, with one additional operation per day, as well as significant savings, with fuel consumption cut by an average of 5 to 10%, and a more efficient and profitable organization thanks the optimization of the vehicle fleet.

Factoring in the specific features of each business
Fleet Performance factors in the specific issues and requirements of a wide range of activities, from goods transport to construction and civil engineering, breakdown services (breakdown technicians and after-sales service), transport of people, retail (sales management), cleaning and local authorities.
For example, for truck drivers, the "HR management" option makes it possible to automatically escalate their driving times in order to calculate their pay.
With the "geo-intervention connection" option, it is possible to geolocate technicians equipped with a PDA and assign them on missions based on their location.
With the "tracking in the event of theft" option, an alarm is automatically transmitted to a security company. With the "route optimization" option, managers are able to prepare their routes for work or distribution thanks to a business application.
With the future enhanced "navigation terminal" option, a screen will enable drivers to plan and visualize their trip, benefit from information on traffic, the nearest service stations with their fuel prices, access the Yellow Pages, etc.

Optimizing fleet management
Thanks to this service, managers are able to optimize the routes for their vehicles and teams, as well as the management of assignments, while improving preventative maintenance. The Fleet Performance service includes:


  • A new generation communicating unit, linked up to the Orange Business server

Each vehicle is fitted with a geolocation unit, with an integrated SIM card, escalating information to Orange Business' central server through the Orange mobile network. This new generation unit makes it possible to incorporate new features (e.g. temperature sensors for refrigerated trucks, tachograph connections, automatic reporting of information on fuel deliveries made, automatic monitoring of the use of construction and civil engineering equipment).

  • A new web interface for managers, including:

- a new full screen map, updated automatically, with the possibility to zoom in up to 40 meters. Managers can monitor their fleet in real time and visualize - either using a PC or a large flat screen - the routes of several vehicles and click on them to find out the journey history: the date, time, location covered and vehicle speed.
- detailed reports for analyzing the activity
To optimize its fleet management and identify any issues, managers are able to benefit from summary activity reports and daily use reports, which they can schedule for updates based on the frequency they need. All the data can be visualized on a web mapping: journeys per period, monitoring of vehicles' mileage, distances covered and daily use times, departure and arrival times, average speed, etc. A warning is triggered if a vehicle is used outside of the timeslots specified.

Orange Business present at the SITL
Orange Business will be present at the SITL international transport and logistics show, Hall 6, Stand T94 from March 23 to 26, in Paris-Nord Villepinte.

About Orange
Orange is the key brand of France Telecom, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. With 131.8 million customers, the Orange brand now covers internet, television and mobile services in the majority of countries where the Group operates. At the end of 2009, France Telecom had consolidated sales of 50.9 billion euros, including its activities in the United Kingdom, and at 31 December 2009, the Group had a customer base of almost 193 million customers in 32 countries. These include 132.6 million mobile customers and 13.5 million broadband internet (ADSL) customers worldwide. Orange is the number three mobile operator and the number two provider of broadband internet services in Europe and, under the brand Orange Business, is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies.
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