Orange Business helps Marine Harvest improve fish production in remote locations with streamlined global infrastructure

The world’s largest producer of farmed salmon, Norwegian Marine Harvest, is changing its IT strategy to help drive international growth. With a $12 million, 5-year contract, Orange Business will deliver and manage a global infrastructure to strengthen collaboration and improve production across the company’s operations in 24 countries and sales offices in more than 50 markets.

Marine Harvest is a leading global seafood company, which produces 20 percent of farmed salmon worldwide. Its salmon farming and fish processing activities take place in remote areas in Canada, Chile, the Faroe Islands, Ireland, Norway and Scotland.  Network reliability is critical to Marine Harvest’s business, as production halts 20 minutes after a network failure. By outsourcing its IT infrastructure to a single vendor, the company wanted to increase network reliability and ensure access to business-critical data from all sites and at all stages of the fish-production lifecycle.

The solution from Orange Business replaces a variety of legacy networks from multiple vendors and offers a future-proof reliable platform. The managed WAN, which includes wireless connectivity, serves four categories of sites, each with standardized network architecture and SLAs. The solution incorporates a wide range of features to support business operations, such as mobility with Business Everywhere Smart, and application performance with Network Boost, no matter how remote the location. It also integrates a full cloud-based hosted video environment with 45 high-definition (HD) endpoints. Reliable video services are essential to Marine Harvest, as it is used to monitor production and for weekly reporting meetings. 

“Fish breeding might appear on the surface to be fairly low tech, but to become a world leader, it demands ongoing data monitoring at each stage of the seafood value chain, as well as efficient production flows. Our competitive edge will be strengthened with Orange as our trusted partner who will deliver the strong and secure platform we need to drive our international growth,” said Merethe Johansen, global WAN manager at Marine Harvest.

“We are proud to deliver this state-of-the-art network solution to Marine Harvest, which is a world leader in its business and a front-runner in terms of technology. With the world's largest, seamless network for voice and data and a strong and experienced global organization, we can offer the reliable infrastructure needed to support Marine Harvest’s growth strategy,” said Anne-Sophie Lotgering, senior vice president, Europe, Russia & CIS, at Orange Business.

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