Orange Business drives digital transformation through IT service management platform with ServiceNow

  • Gain control and visibility with holistic service integration and management
  • Delivers performance improvements for multinational corporations

To meet customer demand for infrastructure that can support digital transformation, Orange Business has launched Service Management Suite. Incorporating the market-leading ServiceNow platform, Service Management Suite delivers cost optimization, simplification, visibility and control, as well as performance improvement for multinational organizations.

Customers are asking for greater simplicity in the way providers engage with them and deliver their services. Therefore, Orange Business chose to embed the ServiceNow platform into Service Management Suite, which provides a wide range of infrastructure management services, including consulting, deployment and operations. By unifying many of these services through the ServiceNow platform, Orange Business can integrate Service Management Suite easily with any IT service management (ITSM) environment that customers may have.

Service Management Suite provides visibility and control across a customer’s entire infrastructure, whether devices are managed by Orange, themselves or a third party. It allows multinational corporations to digitally enable their legacy infrastructure and manage multi-sourced ICT services more effectively. In addition, Service Management Suite improves service enablement by aligning infrastructure performance and service level agreements (SLA) with business-critical applications.

Driving digital transformation

Using a fully-industrialized platform, Service Management Suite is now available worldwide and has been extensively trialed by Orange Business customers. To help organizations tailor the best “fit-for-purpose” solution, Orange Business also provides digital transformation advisory services.

“Enterprises are looking for service management that allows them to use their best processes and APIs on platforms they already use instead of building new. The Orange Business offering based on ServiceNow connects directly with enterprise customers in their systems and on their terms. This is a powerful solution for large enterprises where following process is essential to the organization. We are not aware that anyone else has an offer anything like what Orange Business has accomplished with ServiceNow,” says Brian Washburn, Service Director, Global Business Network and IT Services, Current Analysis.

“To help us gain more visibility and control over our WAN, we integrated our incident management processes with the Orange SIAM (service integration and management) helpdesk using ServiceNow. This means that validated information from Orange experts is now made available online to the right target groups within our global organization. This minimizes the impact on our business in case of incidents and ensures that our infrastructure can serve the business,” says Norbert Wieland, Global Service Manager for Siemens WAN.