Orange Business continues momentum in cloud computing market


  • after a 33% increase in 2012 cloud computing revenue, Orange Business is on track to meet its objective of generating €500 million from cloud computing revenue in 2015
  • launch of the Orange Cloud Project unifies the Group's internal and external cloud expertise and resources
  • end-to-end services gain momentum through the Flexible Computing offerings and especially from the launch of the Cloud Coach on Flexible Computing Express


half-way through its 2015 Conquests Plan, Orange Business accelerates its cloud strategy


With €113 million in 2012 revenue from cloud computing, representing 33% annual growth over 2011, Orange Business confirms its objective to generate €500 million in revenue from cloud computing in 2015 as highlighted in Orange Business 2015 Strategic Conquest Plan.

In 2012, cloud computing gained momentum on the enterprise market. In France, 60% of companies with more than 1,000 employees have deployed or plan to deploy a cloud project[1]. An increasing number of companies, in France and globally, rely on Orange Business to achieve this major step in IT transformation.

cloud computing clients

500+ clients of Infrastructure as a Service[2]

4,000+ clients of Customer Relationship Management solutions

1,200 clients of Messaging & Collaboration solutions[3]

60,000+ clients of “Le Cloud Pro”


“To facilitate this migration, Orange Business clearly positions itself as a trusted operator and integrator providing enterprise-grade cloud solutions globally through a set of dedicated support services,” said Vivek Badrinath, CEO, Orange Business.

To meet its business objectives, Orange Business has the ambition to extend its strategy through new hybrid cloud models, combining various clouds (private, public, virtual-private) while providing a unified service experience to the customer and its end users.


Orange Cloud Project – federation of Group and customers’ cloud resources

To provide a unified experience to the Group and its customers in France and all over the world, France Telecom-Orange entrusted Orange Business with its new Orange Cloud Project. The objective of this project is to federate the cloud computing expertise of the Group and to migrate all IaaS-based (Infrastructure as a Service) projects to Orange Business' Flexible Computing platform. By pooling internal and external cloud resources, the Orange Cloud Project intends to:  reach critical mass on the cloud computing market; standardize the approach to accelerate time-to-market of new offers and optimize costs and deployment; and improve user experience. The Orange Cloud Project also stimulates innovation and provides new opportunities for Orange Business to launch new PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions. PaaS solutions will allow companies to develop their own applications hosted within Orange Business infrastructures.


Flexible Computing – new services to develop cloud computing uses

In spite of the tremendous success of cloud computing, each company has its own migration process and business specificities. This requires developing simple solutions and dedicated support services. For this reason, Orange Business expanded the services offered with the Flexible Computing solution, its family of IaaS solutions.

  • Flexible Computing Premium now integrates pay-per-use managed services.

This solution provides a Web administration portal to access on-demand infrastructure management services. Four levels of services are offered to delegate all or part of the management of the operating system, infrastructure software and applications. Orange Business provides an exclusive usage-based invoicing for these managed services (by operating system, software, application, etc.). With this approach, each company can manage service usage on the same basis as current IT resources.

  • Orange Business also launches Cloud Coach for its turn-key solution Flexible Computing Express.

Orange Business completes its Flexible Computing Express solution with a new service: Cloud Coach. Included in Flexible Computing Express, customers can access a team of Orange Business cloud experts by contacting their customer service center, to add a new virtual machine, provision storage capacity or obtain expert advice on application architecture, for example. With Cloud Coach, Orange Business’ customers will benefit from the support of a team of seasoned experts that will help them use and develop efficiently their own cloud computing solution.


About Orange Business

Orange Business, the France Telecom-Orange branch dedicated to B2B services, is a leading global integrator of communications solutions for multinational corporations. With the world's largest, seamless network for voice and data, Orange Business reaches 220 countries and territories with local support in 166. Offering a comprehensive package of communication services covering cloud computing, enterprise mobility, M2M, security, unified communications, videoconferencing, and broadband, Orange Business delivers a best-in-class customer experience across a global landscape. Thousands of enterprise customers and 1.4 million mobile data users rely on an Orange Business international platform for communicating and conducting business. Orange Business was awarded three of the telecom industry’s highest accolades at the annual World Communication Awards 2012 – Best Global Operator, Best Cloud Service and the User’s Choice Award. Orange Business is a five-time winner of Best Global Operator. Learn more at

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1 Source: IDC

2 Product Line Flexible Computing

3 Business Together Ready