Orange Business chooses Xamarin to simplify the design of cross – platform applications

Orange Business chooses Xamarin to simplify the design of cross – platform applications 

  • Orange Business’ partnership with Xamarin , one of the leading publishers of cross-platform applications, further reinforces its focus on application development and design
  • Xamarin’s technology frees companies of many of the constraints associated with application development

In order to develop applications for all major operating systems, enterprise companies are relegated to developing the application multiple times. The Xamarin solution uses the programming language C# to develop a single application that functions on all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows) as well as all on types of device (computers, smartphones and tablets).

Orange Business and its unit specializing in application development and design, Orange Applications for Business, has signed this partnership agreement with a view to:

  • Reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market: The technology developed by Xamarin combines up to 60% of the developing required, thereby reducing overall design time. Only graphic adaptations are needed to optimize the application for each device.
  • Enhance the user experience: With cross –platform applications, the user experience is consistent across all operating systems. The user can begin a task on their computer in Windows, continue working on it using their tablet in iOS and finish on an Android mobile device. For instance, a company’s sales teams can use multi-OS business applications to access their portfolio of clients or catalogue of products on any device with the same level of ease. The solution allows to connect applications to the main CRM solutions on the market. Account managers can use the application under any circumstances to qualify or take an order.
  • Ensure the sustainability and accessibility of the applications: The solution allows IT departments to provide business applications without having to consider the range of devices used in the company and any future developments that may be needed. Applications intended for the general public no longer need to be designed choosing one OS over all others in order to capture the largest number of potential users.

“As the use of mobiles and the number of devices increases, Orange Business, through its innovative partnership with Xamarin, is helping to remove the technological and economic barriers limiting companies’ application design choices to a single environment. It also allows them to run digitalization projects independently of their clients’ and employees’ usage,” explains Olivier Ondet, Marketing and Strategy Director of Orange Applications for Business.

“Xamarin is a great choice for modern mobile developers who want to build successful applications that reach users on every major platform,” says Erik Polzin, Director of Consulting Partners at Xamarin. “Orange Business Solutions brings their deep mobile development expertise together with Xamarin’s proven development platform to deliver fully native, high performance applications in an accelerated timeline to clients all over the world.”

With more than 2,500 employees, including 200 specializing in the development, integration and testing of mobile applications, Orange Applications for Business is recognized for both its experience and expertise in these fields, from business to customer relationship  management applications. The applications developed by Orange Applications for Business have been downloaded more than 20 million times from app stores.