Orange Business and Customers Toast via Cisco TelePresence

wine tasting event showcases the power of Cisco TelePresence

To demonstrate the immersive effect of Cisco TelePresence™, Orange Business and Cisco held a virtual wine tasting event via Cisco TelePresence. Enterprise customers and prospects from six North American cities, as well as Santiago, Chile, attended the event, led by renowned wine expert Pascual Ibáñez. Attendees discussed and tasted selections from Viña Concha y Toro wine, the second largest winemaker in the world and an Orange Business customer with headquarters in Chile.

Cisco TelePresence harnesses the power and speed of today’s network to provide a fully immersed and life-sized virtual collaborative experience in high-definition. Attendees for the wine tasting engaged with one another about the color, taste and vintages in a virtual space that created the appearance of everyone occupying the same room even though they were all situated hundreds or even thousands of miles away from each other.

“Cisco TelePresence provides the perfect forum for preserving the personal and collaborative nature of face-to-face interactions regardless of location or distance,” said Diana Einterz, senior vice president, Americas, Orange Business. “As this event demonstrates, its applications stretch far beyond simple business meetings. We envision Cisco TelePresence being used to launch new products, coordinate logistics between partners and suppliers, ensure business continuity following a disaster, and serve as a guard against runaway travel expenses.”

Orange Business is at the forefront in pushing Cisco TelePresence as a standard next-generation service for enterprises. As a Global Master Cisco TelePresence ATP, Orange provides Cisco TelePresence integration services in 213 countries and territories. Orange has implemented network SLAs to preserve voice and video latency of less than 150 milliseconds for a high-quality experience in 47 countries, and has established ties with other global operators to ensure customers can use their Cisco TelePresence rooms with partners, suppliers and distributors. Orange is also currently pooling Cisco TelePresence infrastructure as a hosted and managed service which will lower costs though a pay-per-use model.

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