Orange Business and Airtel customers increase video collaboration with interconnection deal

Orange Business and Airtel customers increase video collaboration with interconnection deal 

enterprise-class video interconnection guarantees quality-of-service and security over both providers networks

Orange Business and Bharti Airtel are joining forces to meet enterprises’ increasing demand for video collaboration. The two companies have signed an inter-provider connectivity agreement enabling Airtel Managed Video Conference Service customers and Orange Open Video Presence Community customers to collaborate via video meetings using any approved endpoint. 


Video collaboration helps build stronger relationships and delivers business benefits including more effective communication and quicker decision-making. By expanding the Open Video Presence and Video Conference communities with agreements such as these, the benefits extend beyond internal collaboration to customers, partners and suppliers worldwide.


The interconnection is delivered over peered Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) virtual private networks, which guarantees quality-of-service continuity and security over both providers’ networks. Unlike best-effort consumer video services, this delivers the enterprise-grade classes-of-service that are essential to support productive collaboration among multinational corporations. 


“Orange is committed to enabling enterprise digital transformation with services such as Open Video Presence. This agreement with Airtel expands the video ecosystem for customers of both providers, generating an even more compelling return on investment. Our objective is to make video collaboration as simple and border-free as a phone call, with the security and guaranteed quality-of-service that enterprises need,” said Eric Monchy, vice president of video conferencing at Orange Business.


“As a brand, we at Airtel constantly strive to enrich the lives of our customers. This interconnection is a step in this direction and will help our customers to unleash the power of video collaboration both within and outside the organization. Now, Airtel Managed Video Conference customers will be able to collaborate with Orange customers and vice-versa with an ease that is comparable to making a telephone call, not only within India but even at international locations,” said Argha Basu, Chief Product Officer, Airtel Business.


As members of the Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC), both Orange and Airtel belong to a group of video and video technology providers that work together to increase overall business video use by offering enterprise users a consistent experience with service that is simple enough to incorporate into daily business processes within and between organizations. The technical and commercial OVCC framework widens visual collaboration reach while preserving reliability and corporate security. 


“Orange and Airtel customers can now visually collaborate with more people in more locations. Since the services are OVCC compliant, their customers’ IT departments can support simply-as-the-Internet collaboration with enterprise-grade reliability and security,” said Clive Sawkins, OVCC president.