Orange and Stade de France Consortium pilot an innovative customer journey to create the stadium of tomorrow

Contactless mobile: a key element of the customer journey in the stadium of tomorrow

  • Contactless mobile technology is transforming the way in which spectators can access stadiums, receive information and take part in exclusive events
  • An innovative and interactive customer journey - before, during and after the event - being piloted in the framework of the M-Stadium project

On 5 May 2012, Orange and Stade de France will pilot an innovative and interactive trial using contactless technology with the help of supporters attending the Top 14 Racing Métro 92 rugby match.

Part of the M-Stadium joint project, this contactless technology trial will offer spectators a new experience and new services before, during and after the match. On the 5 May, the testers , equipped with contactless-enabled mobile phones, will be able to:
-    be guided from the car park to the stadium entrance - and back to their vehicle after the match
-    enter the stadium by simply swiping their mobile phone on the reader thanks to the paperless ticket contained on the SIM card
-    easily locate their seat
-    take part in exclusive events (voting for their favourite team and entering quizzes, competitions, etc.)
-    receive targeted match information.

Prior to the event using the application, supporters can book match tickets and download a paperless version onto any mobile telephone integrating NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Supporters can also download a car park pass (PDF format).

Innovation improving the customer journey
The M-Stadium project is ideal for piloting this innovative Stade de France and Orange Business initiative, which is being supported by Orange Labs (Orange’s research and development unit).

Thanks to contactless technology, Orange Business and the Stade de France are now able to offer a comprehensive customer journey, which allows spectators to participate in the event in new ways from start to finish.
NFC technology (contactless) is paving the way for a range of innovative ticketing, geolocation, information and voting services. Orange Business has acquired considerable expertise in this area and is able to provide tailor-made solutions to companies working in a variety of sectors such as tourism, transport, banking and retailing. This “multi-service” feature is a real asset in the leisure industry, especially for stadiums, and relies on several Orange Business’ growth engines: the Internet of objects, cloud computing and managing customer relations.

Orange – a major player in contactless mobile services
The M-Stadium project is part of Orange's overall strategy to deploy innovative and secure contactless mobile services in Europe in close partnership with service providers.

According to Thierry Millet, Vice-President of Mobile Payments and Contactless Services at Orange, “The M-Stadium project clearly demonstrates the value added by contactless mobile services in a stadium setting by simplifying and improving the spectator experience. We are delighted that the Stade de France, in partnership with Orange, is taking a leading role in this area".

M-Stadium: towards a complete ticketing solution and associated services
M-Stadium is one of 12 projects selected by the Government in the framework of its “Communicating Devices and Contactless” 2010 call for projects, which aims to develop local authority services that rely on contactless technology. This joint project is being run by the Orange Labs in Caen in partnership with the Stade de France Consortium, Clicmobile (interactive mobile agency), the Stade Malherbe Caen and the PRINT-CRDP Laboratory at the University of Caen. The M-Stadium project is certified by the SET (Secure Electronic Transactions) competitiveness cluster in Basse-Normandie.

The work the partners have been carrying out (October 2010 to June 2012) demonstrates their ability to set up a complete ticketing solution as well as associated services.

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