“Never Alone” Orange Business reconnects with image campaigns

For all of life’s major experiences, would you rather be by yourself or have company? This is the question that Orange Business (Orange’s B2B division) is asking all companies by way of an advertising campaign orchestrated by Havas Paris, and broadcast on TV and online starting November 2. Headlining its positioning as the “corporate partner for digital transformation,” the brand is reaching out again after eight years of silence, with image campaigns and promotional television-related activities.


Companies are undergoing a period of profound transformation when it comes to technologies such as the cloud and new ways of working, customer behavior, or new business models brought about by social networks. Orange Business is the Orange entity that – thanks to its 20,000 employees around the world – supports some 2 million companies in France and 3,000 multinational enterprises, by offering IT and communication network solutions that combine the talents of a telecom services operator, a developer of innovative apps, and an integrator of IT solutions. 


“We didn’t want to run a campaign to describe who we are, but rather to convey what we represent to our customers within this context of digital transformation,” explains Estelle Assaf, Director of Orange Business External Communication. “More than a traditional B2B relationship, companies today need to know that they can count on a partner who will build with them and support them in the long term, as well as being with them on a daily basis. That’s the kind of reliable partner that we wanted to embody.” 


To back up this position of being a “trusted partner for digital transformation,” Orange Business is reconnecting with its customer base via a televised advertising campaign after eight years of silence. Directed by the promising young Gioacchino Petronicce – under the creative direction of Christophe Coffre, Co-President of Havas Paris – the video “Never Alone” (30 and 60 seconds) deals with solid and lasting support with feeling and sensitivity.

A young boy taught to ride a bicycle by his grandfather, a gymnast who trains under the watchful eye of her coach, a dancer who is encouraged before the curtain goes up, all punctuated by an off-screen voice that says, “For all our major milestones, it’s better to have good support.” The video is a succession of moments and feelings that are enhanced by the director and echo our own memories and most meaningful achievements. 


“This film portrays the relational commitment and the values of having human support,” explains Christophe Coffre, President of the Havas Agency in Paris. “To make this message universal, we naturally used consumer-oriented storytelling methods in order to reach the largest number of people, beyond the target group consisting of entrepreneurs.”


Starting November 2 and running for a period of two weeks, the campaign will be broadcast on TV and online in France (TF1, France 2, France 3, France 5, LCI, I-télé, BFM TV, BFM Business, lexpress.fr, lentreprise.fr, lexpansion.fr, francetelevision.fr, bfmtv.fr, bfmbusiness.fr) and abroad (LinkedIn, Financial Times, etc.). 


Orange Business is a long-term customer of the Havas Paris agency, which has been providing Orange with consulting services for more than eight years regarding strategy and advertising. 


Discover the ad: “Never Alone”