Henkel opts for Orange Business' next-generation hybrid network to support growing business

  • Improved user experience and increased flexibility with Internet access and managed security services


Henkel, a global consumer and industrial goods manufacturer based in Düsseldorf, Germany, has signed a five-year hybrid network and security contract with Orange Business. It meets the company’s need for secure connectivity and Internet access for remote branch offices to support its growth ambitions.

Over the past years, Henkel’s worldwide business has grown strongly - particularly in emerging markets. It needed partners with vast regional footprints and the expertise to provide global connectivity and centrally-managed security solutions. The hybrid network from Orange Business spans 355 locations in North and South America, Central Europe, Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. The managed security services support more than 42,000 Henkel users. This is extended by a Web Security Cloud Service.  The overall IT service management solution is based on ServiceNow.


Optimal end-user performance

The next generation hybrid network combines multiple technologies to meet the growing speed, security and geographic needs of Henkel. It allows the company to segment application traffic onto different networks, depending on latency, bandwidth, geographic reach, security and quality-of-service needs. This provides users with optimal performance and fits well into Henkel’s solution for WAN optimization. In addition, Business VPN Internet allows Henkel to cost-effectively manage internet traffic growth, which is being driven by the rising use of cloud and real-time applications.

The combined solution provides end-to-end visibility and dynamic control over application performance and security with centrally-based network intelligence. End users are securely connected to their applications, wherever they may reside, with appropriate performance levels, while keeping costs at a minimum. The security solution enables Henkel to apply real-time security controls to rapidly respond to emerging threats and meet its business and operational goals reliably and in time.

“Seamless global communications with outstanding security capabilities are vital for us. Orange Business has excellent global network coverage with a specific focus on remote global areas, which match our business growth regions. Their customized approach meets all of our requirements. The professionalism and commitment from the entire Orange team, combined with the valuable expertise from the very start of our partnership, has really been a great experience for us,” said Uwe Wirtz, Head of Service Delivery IT, Integrated Business Solutions (IBS), Henkel.

“Henkel’s next generation hybrid network demonstrates our global expertise, particularly in harder-to-reach locations. This new partnership between our companies will enable Henkel to grow their business on a global scale with confidence in our managed security services, while meeting their objective of reducing overall IT and telecommunications costs,” said Anne-Sophie Lotgering, senior vice president, Europe, Russia and CIS, Orange Business.